Friday, July 21, 2017

ARC Review - Clone Me A Lover by Rosalie Redd!


Love is a dangerous, forbidden emotion.

Human clone Angelo Thirteen craves something illicit—to fall in love. When a tenacious female Altonian retrieves his escape pod from the rubble of a shipwreck, he may just get his chance. Drawn to her determined spirit and mesmerizing golden eyes, he must pierce the battle thickened walls surrounding her heart to uncover what he covets most. 
Elle cares about two things in the universe—her ship and her brother. When her sibling is imprisoned on a savage ice world nothing will derail her from her recovery mission, that is, until she rescues a sexy human clone from the icy coldness of space. Falling for his tender, sensuous nature wasn’t part of her plan and now she must choose between saving her brother from Alta’s prison or risking her heart.

Lose yourself in the Interstellar Lovers series with this delicious tale of sensual discovery and longing. 


Clone Me A Lover is one sci-fi romantic adventure you do NOT want to miss! This was such a delightfully entertaining romance! Lots of space time action, loads of sizzling romance, plenty of chemistry and some truly great character and story development. I am IM-FREAKING-PRESSED with this new story from Miss Rosalie Redd! The story was so enthralling and sexy, compelling and so very...VERY well written. Every description is full and vivid and made me feel like I was RIGHT THERE witnessing everything. It was quite thrilling!

This new book takes a whole new spin on clones and love. Rosalie Redd did a marvelous job writing such a vivid, sexy, fascinating sci-fi romance. I love such a fresh take on sci-fi romance! I am excited to see what comes next from Miss Redd.

Clone Me A Lover gets an EXCITING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a great adventure with plenty of sizzle and romance. It just takes the breath away! 

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