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ARC Review - Naughty Or Nice Box set by Cynthia Eden!


Naughty or Nice? You decide in this collection of hot holiday romances by New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Eden. 

Ben Prescott hates Christmas—he’s a vampire, and to him, there’s certainly nothing jolly about the holiday season. Unless Ben can change his ways, he may just turn into a real monster, one who can’t be saved by anyone or anything. Ben’s redemption rests in the hands of the one woman he loved and lost—Simone Laurent. If Ben is going to have a chance at being more than just the beast in the darkness, he has to prove himself to the lovely Simone. A very hard task, considering that, once upon a Christmas Eve, Simone died in Ben’s arms… 

Everyone in town thinks that Jemma White is as sweet as the delicious treats she makes at her chocolate shop—but they’re wrong. Jemma is ready to let her wild side out, and she’s just found the perfect man to make all of her fantasies come true. Grayson Cole is a too-sexy-to-be-true stranger who has escaped to the small town of Holly for the holidays. He is her perfect temptation, and Jemma can’t wait to steam up the cold winter nights with him. But when danger from Grayson’s past follows him, she realizes that the man she is falling for has been keeping some very dark secrets…secrets that may just get them both killed. 

Victor Monroe left behind a brutal past when he decided to become an FBI Agent. Zoe Peters, ex-showgirl, daughter of a mob boss and drug dealer, is a witness who wants to vanish. Zoe is wild, beautiful, and on far too many hit lists. It’s now Victor’s job to keep her safe–a job that Zoe makes damn difficult. Desire wasn’t supposed to enter the equation. The white-hot lust he feels for Zoe should have never threatened Victor’s legendary self-control. But she’s under his skin…melting his ice…getting to him. Soon Victor doesn’t care about the law or about the lines he has to cross for Zoe. She is his priority. Victor will not rest until every threat to her has been eliminated. And then, Zoe will be his. 

Angel Lila is being hunted. She can feel the hunter closing in behind her. But does the werewolf on her trail want to destroy her—or can he protect her from the growing darkness that she is trying so desperately to fight? Werewolf Rayce Lovel doesn’t know what to do with an angel, especially one who makes him think too much about paradise. Lila may be heavenly, but every time he’s near her, Rayce wants to sin. The longer an angel stays out of heaven, the more dangerous she can become. Lila sinks deeper into the darkness with each night that passes, and she finds herself becoming a pawn in an eternal battle…good versus evil. Is Rayce really her protector? Perhaps he is just the hungry wolf who has been sent to ensure that Lila never sets foot back in her paradise. 

Just in time for the holidays, enjoy these four sexy romances from Cynthia Eden. The tales are all set during the magic of the holiday season, and they are designed to heat up your winter nights.


Four sensational, steamy, heart-thumping reads that will be sure to give you all the warmth for the Holiday season! 

I CHERISHED all four of these books in this boxset! They each touched my heart in different ways. We get a couple paranormal treasures as well as two delightful romantic suspense stories. The paranormal romances are incredible! One that is a twist on a beloved classic Christmas tale and one that is just as spectacular with a beautiful angel and  sexy and protective werewolf. And the romantic suspense stories are thrillers with lots of heat and plenty of adrenaline inducing action. This boxset made me feel like this was just about the best present ever! 


Desperate Cover Reveal!

Today we have the cover reveal for A.K. Evans upcoming romance, Desperate. Check it out and the preorder your copy today!

Title: Desperate

Author: A.K. Evans

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: November 19th

About Desperate:

Ekko Rose is no stranger to struggle. Born to a single, addicted mother, she’s experienced more than her fair share of hardship. Ekko has dreams she wants to fulfill, but when another stroke of bad luck leaves her homeless, her only option is to focus on survival. Dominick ‘Dom’ Moore has had his eyes on Ekko ever since he saved her life several months ago. He kept his distance then because she was attached to another man. Now, seeing her living out of her car, Dom resolves to help her get back on her feet. When Dom approaches Ekko, she wrestles with knowing her rightful place in the world and desperately wanting to latch onto something better. Just as the pair fall hard for one another, Ekko’s streak of misfortune delivers one more blow. With their relationship thrown into a pit of despair and hopeless desire, Dom must crack the case he’s been trying to solve for weeks. Because if he can’t, Ekko might be lost to him forever.

Pre-Order Today:

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Exclusive Excerpt:

  “Ekko?” Dom’s panicked voice came from the doorway. My eyes left Levi and went to Dom. He took one look at me and immediately directed his attention to Ryan. Instead of coming to me, Dom took slow, deliberate steps toward Ryan. My body grew tense. Levi must have noticed because he squeezed my shoulder a little tighter. A few more men, who had to have been with Dom, appeared in the doorway, but I couldn’t pay attention to them. Dom was closing in on Ryan, who continued to walk backward until his back was up against the wall. Dom’s hand shot out and gripped Ryan around the throat. “Why is there blood on her face?” Dom seethed. “It…it was her own fault,” Ryan stammered. Dom’s fingers squeezed a little tighter. “I’m sorry, did I just hear you say it was her fault?” Ryan’s eyes grew wide. One of the guys in the doorway, who bared a resemblance to Levi, but had longer hair that was somewhere between blonde and brown, warned, “Dom’s a crazy motherfucker, man. You might want to consider how you answer that question.” I recognized the guy from the night I was nearly kidnapped. He had been there with Dom that night, but I couldn’t remember his name. Another guy, with shorter dark hair and a body that was just as nice as the rest of them, added, “Yeah. I remember what he did years ago to the guy who thought beating and sexually assaulting Levi and Cruz’s sister-in-law was acceptable. Dom had no personal attachment to that girl and her ex was begging for mercy when Dom was through with him. I can’t imagine what he’d do to someone who hurt a woman who was special to him.” I gasped while Ryan’s eyes shifted back and forth. “She was reaching for her phone and pushed me,” Ryan explained. “I pushed her away from me and she fell.” Now Dom’s gaze looked a lot like Levi’s did when he first arrived…lethal. “You pushed her?” “She pushed me first!” Ryan tried to reason. Keeping his hand at Ryan’s throat, Dom stepped to the side and looked over at me. “Do you see her?” Ryan didn’t answer. “I asked you a question!” Dom roared. “Yes, I see her.” Ryan’s voice was small. “So, that woman, who is maybe a hundred and ten pounds, moved toward you to get her phone that you had, and you pushed her? I don’t like seeing my woman with blood on her face and, lucky for you, I need to see to her right now, so you’re going to give me her phone without another minute of delay.” Ryan quickly pulled the phone out of his pocket and handed it to Dom. Not taking his eyes off Ryan, Dom called, “Ekko, come here.” I was still stuck on Dom calling me his woman that I couldn’t move. Dom realized I hadn’t moved and turned his head toward me. With his gaze laser-focused on me, he urged, “Ekko, come here.” Levi brought his hand to my lower back and gave me a nudge. I moved toward Dom. When I was standing next to him, Dom asked, “Why did you come here?” My lip quivered, and I dropped my gaze to the ground. His voice went soft and he said, “Sugar, look at me.” When I looked at Dom, his voice, still gentle, asked, “What did you come here for?” “I don’t have a ton of nice clothes, but I had a few things here that I wanted to get before tonight. I wanted to look pretty for our date. But Ryan wouldn’t let me get my things.”  

Check out the whole series:

About the Author:


 A.K. Evans is a married mother of two boys residing in a small town in northeastern Pennsylvania. After graduating from Lafayette College in 2004 with two degrees (one in English and one in Economics & Business), she pursued a career in the insurance and financial services industry. Not long after, Evans realized the career was not for her. She went on to manage her husband’s performance automotive business and drive the shop race cars for the next thirteen years. While the business afforded her freedoms she wouldn’t necessarily have had in a typical 9-5 job, after eleven years she was no longer receiving personal fulfillment from her chosen career path. Following many discussions, lots of thought, and tons of encouragement, Andrea decided to pursue her dream of becoming a writer. Between her day job, writing, and homeschooling her two boys, Evans is left with very little free time. When she finds scraps of spare time, she enjoys reading, doing yoga, watching NY Rangers hockey, dancing, and vacationing with her family. Andrea, her husband, and her children are currently working on taking road trips to visit all 50 states (though, Alaska and Hawaii might require flights).  

Connect with A.K.:

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Only The Perfect Cover Reveal!

Title: Only the Perfect
Series: Only You, #2. (Can be read as a standalone)
Author: Elle Thorpe
Cover Designer: Sly Fox Cover Designs
Genre: Single Parent, contemporary romance
Release Date: November 8, 2018


When I walked in on my girlfriend screwing another guy, I never would have thought I’d be sitting at their wedding less than six months later. But who am I to turn down a night of free food, booze and pretty bridesmaids?

But at the back of the room, at the rejects table, I’m captivated by the woman sitting next to me. She’s gorgeous and smart, and I can’t work out how she’s single. Until I realise she’s the groom’s ex.

This single mother and I are about to turn this wedding into a night our cheating exes will never forget.  

Only the Perfect will only be available on iBooks until November 7. From November 8 it will be exclusive with Amazon and Kindle Unlimited, so make sure you grab it in the preorder. 

Also in this series... 
(all books can be read as a standalone, but it's more fun if you read in order! You'll get updates on old friends in each new book)
Only the Positive - Free on Kindle Unlimited

Author Bio
Elle Thorpe lives on the sunny east coast of Australia, about an hour out of Sydney. When she's not writing stories full of kissing and chemistry, she's a wife, and Mummy to three tiny humans. She's also official ball thrower to one slobbery dog named Rollo. Yes, she named a female dog after a male character on Vikings. Don't judge her. Elle is a complete and utter fangirl at heart, obsessing over The Walking Dead and Outlander to an unhealthy degree. But she wouldn't change a thing.

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ARC Review - Muffin Top (The Hartigans, #2) by Avery Flynn!


The only thing about me that’s a size zero is the filter on my mouth. I’ve got a big personality, a big rack, and a big number on the scale. And I’m perfectly fine with that.

But when some random guy suggests I might not be eating alone if I’d ordered a salad instead of a hamburger I’m shocked silent, which is a feat, trust me.

That brings us to one sexy fireman named Frankie Hartigan. He’s hot. He’s funny… And he’s just apologized for being late for our “date” then glared at the fat-shaming jerk. Next thing I know, he’s sitting down and ordering himself dinner.

I have no problem telling him I don’t need a pity date… unless of course it’s to my high school reunion next week. Oops where did that last bit come from? And what do I do now that he’s said yes?!

Because this is no make-over story, and I think Frankie is using me for something. I just have to figure out what… 



Avery Flynn, once again WON ME OVER with her newest steamy rom-com! Muffin Top wasn't at all what I imagined it to be...IT WAS WAAAAAAY BETTER! Witty, smart, heat-filled banter and two of the most unforgettable characters so far in The Hartigan series in my humble opinion. I ADORED Frankie! He is not only gorgeous, but he is smart, kind, fun to be around and he is a man that loves curves! Seriously this man made me melt! And Lucy...oh this heroine is exactly who I want to be! She is beautiful, curves and all with one spunky attitude and who has a great sense of humor and who is a take charge woman. She and Frankie were made for each other. This story was sweet and sexy and heartfelt with a cup full of fun! The BEST Hartigan story yet!


ARC Review - His Naughty Schoolgirl (Halloween Honeys) by Tracy Lorraine!


A lesson she’ll never forget.

She’s off limits.



After wanting her from a distance for five years, now’s the chance to make her mine. 

She’s my student. 

My obsession.

My little teenage fantasy.

For fans of forbidden romance, Tracy Lorraine presents the hot and steamy His Naughty Schoolgirl.



I don't read many forbidden romances but when you get one as sexy and steamy as the one Tracy Lorraine gave us, it makes me question why I don't read more of them. His Naughty Schoolgirl is the good kind of dirty. The characters are crazy wonderful and the story just made me squirm. This is one Halloween Honeys story that made me feel like I was going to up in flames from arousal! So. SOOOO. GOOD. 


ARC Review - Secrets (Web of Sin 1) by Aleatha Romig!


The twisted and intriguing storytelling that you loved in Consequences and Infidelity is coming back at you with an all-new alpha anti-hero in the dark romance series Web of Sin, by New York Times bestselling author Aleatha Romig. 

I’m Sterling Sparrow. You’ve no doubt heard my name or read it on the top of tall buildings. There’s more to my business—my realm—than what is seen aboveground. 

Within the underbelly of one of America’s largest cities lives a world where a man’s word is either his most valuable tool or his most respected weapon. When my father ruled that world and that city, he promised me someone who would one day make my reign complete. 

Since that day, long ago, Araneae McCrie has been mine.

She just didn’t know.

My father is now gone. 

The city and the underbelly are now mine.

The time has come for me to collect who was promised to me, to shred her life of secrets and make her who she’s always been—mine.

Have you been Aleatha’d?

*Secrets is book one of the Web of Sin trilogy.



I went into Secrets both nervous and excited. The hero is full of dominance and heat while the heroine is wild, fierce and as   regal as a queen! I was completely enamored of this book. There are stomach churning twists and a ton of crackling irresistible heat I was actually surprised my kindle didn't burst into flames! I couldn't put it down and now I am in DESPERATE need to get my hands on book 2. I do so enjoy a sexy and dominant to the max anti-hero and we get one here that left me wrecked in the VERY BEST WAY! 


Bedtime Reads Series by Kennedy Fox Cover Reveal!

Cover design by Outlined with Love Designs
Photographers: FuriousFotog and Wander Aguiar
Models: Joey Berry, Chase Ketron, & Andrew Biernat

Never trust a man who answers the door wearing nothing more than a pair of low-cut jeans and a panty-melting smirk. That should've been my first sign. I write about guys like him for a living—sexy and charming, yet reluctant to get into a serious relationship. His body is the ultimate temptation, but his condescending personality makes him a classic bad boy. And I want nothing to do with that. Writing romance novels comes with its perks—traveling, meeting new people, creating characters from the voices in my head—but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you. Meeting him was fate, but falling for him was inevitable. And forgetting him will be impossible. Falling for the Bad Boy // Available now Amazon Universal Link   


Never trust a man who gets paid to take off his clothes for a living and then uses it as a pick-up line to get girls in bed with him. That should’ve been enough for me to call in sick that day. I’ve worked with male cover models like him before and they’re all the same—smooth-talking, sexy as sin, egotistical know-it-alls who think they’re God’s gift to women—all traits I know to steer clear of. Assisting authors comes with many perks—reading on the job, using my organizing skills on a daily basis, drinking coffee by the gallons—but Maverick Kingston barges into my life and demands more than I can handle. When we’re forced to road trip across the country together, he pushes every boundary I have and rearranges my thoughts on playing it safe. And when he “accidentally” drops his towel, he makes it very clear what he’s offering and proves he’s packing more than abs of steel under his clothes. Working with him was brutal, but falling for him was unexpected. And playing by the rules will be impossible. ADD TO GOODREADS   Falling for the Playboy preorder // Coming Nov. 15th iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo Amazon release day alert      


Never trust a man who wears nothing more than a cowboy hat and ripped jeans who asks if you’d like to save a horse and ride a . . . well, you get the picture. That should’ve been enough for me to walk away. I’ve been warned on several occasions about southern men—with their sexy accents, charming manners, and the ability to easily get any woman in bed—which is something I’ll be avoiding. Being a professional photographer has many perks—traveling around the world, calling all the shots, and working with subject matter that isn’t bad to look at—but Colton Langston with his washboard abs and baby blue eyes, could care less about my current project. He’s trouble, I know it, and he’s determined to make me work for every single photo. When I’m forced into riding lessons, I get way more than I ever bargained for, and by the time my trip is over, I’m in too deep. Being with him was thrilling, but falling for him was unpredictable. And ignoring him will be impossible.   ADD TO GOODREADS Falling for the Cowboy preorder // Coming Jan. 31st iBooks | Barnes & Noble | Kobo    




Brooke Cumberland & Lyra Parish are a duo of romance authors who teamed up to write under the USA Today Bestselling pseudonym, Kennedy Fox. They share a love of You’ve Got Mail and The Holiday. When they aren’t bonding over romantic comedies, they like to brainstorm new book ideas. One day, they decided to collaborate and have some fun creating new characters that’ll make your lady bits tingle and your heart melt. If you enjoy romance stories with sexy, tattooed alpha males and smart, independent women, then a Kennedy Fox book is for you! Keep up with all their social media platforms for updates & info! WEBSITE | NEWSLETTER | FACEBOOK | TWITTER