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ARC Review - How To Love An Ogre by Zee Monodee!


It is a truth universally acknowledged that an Indian-origin girl over the age of eighteen must be in want of a husband … 

Tired of her mother’s relentless matchmaking, young & successful interior designer Diya Hemant is determined to find her Prince Charming on her terms. Armed with a definitive list of requirements, she is sure she’ll know Mr. Right when she meets him. If only Fate would stop throwing frogs along her path.

British widower & single father Trent Garrison thought coming to live in sunny Mauritius would be a new beginning for him and his two young sons. He craves peace & a quiet life, & finding love is not on his radar. If only Fate would stop throwing airhead princess-types along his route.

When Diya meets Trent, it is hate at first sight. Though not averse to kissing a frog in the hope that it might reveal a prince, she draws the line before this surly man, who brings to mind an ogre of the worst kind.

Then, she meets Gareth, who embodies every quality she has on her list. But something still feels off, and against her better judgment, her thoughts, her life, and her feelings all seem to be converging towards Trent. 

He is all wrong for her … or is he? Can this modern-day princess overcome her own expectations and see beyond the ogre to the man beneath?

Warning: If you love Pride and Prejudice retellings, enemies to lovers, witty banter, & overbearing families, then you will enjoy this coming-of-age story where the youngest of the Hemant sisters finds that, sometimes, love might be hiding right under your nose on the sultry west coast of Mauritius. 

[Previously published as LIGHT MY WORLD]


Miss Zee Monodee DID IT AGAIN peeps! She wrote another enchanting, inviting, sen-freaking-sational romance that I ADORED with my whole heart!

How To Love An Ogre was...incredibly written. It was fun, it sizzled with heat, and the characters were rich with personality and the story calls to the romantic in me. From beginning to end I fell in love with the beautiful scenes and the wit along with the way the story just grabbed me and wouldn't let go. Diya is a sassy woman who I liked a lot and Trent had a surprising soft interior to his hard outer shell that I found wonderfully appealing.  Add in some sweetness and a sprinkle of mischief and a whole lot fun and we get a story that just delights, amuses and will make you smile! 


Memento Mori Excerpt Reveal!



Six men with no memories of the past One leader with no hope for the future A man without a past Jax woke up in a lab, his memories erased, and his mind reprogrammed to serve a mad woman’s will. After being liberated from his prison, he pledged himself to the only thing he truly knows—his team. Six men who lost everything they were. They must make certain no one else gets their hands on the drugs that stole their lives, all while hiding from every intelligence organization on the planet. The trail has led him to an unforgiving mountainside and a beautiful wilderness expert who may be his only hope of finding the truth. A woman with a bright future River Lee knows her way around the Colorado wilderness. She’s finally found a home in a place called Bliss after years lost in darkness. The nature guide prefers to show her clients the beauty found in the land, but she also knows the secrets the mountains hold. When she meets Jax, something about the troubled man calls to her. She agrees to lead him to the site of an abandoned government facility hidden deep in the forest. She never dreamed she was stepping into the middle of a battlefield. A love that could heal a broken soul Spending time with River, Jax discovers a peace he’s never known. Their passion unlocks a side of himself he didn’t even know he was missing. When an old enemy makes his first move, Jax and River find themselves fighting for their lives. But when his past is revealed, will River be caught in the crosshairs of a global conspiracy?    


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 “This place is beautiful,” he said when she hesitated. She nodded but didn’t move from her seat. “I love it here. I went to college in Denver, but I always missed this place. When I was younger, my dad had a house in Creede. He started the business there, but when he could, he moved us out of town. My dad was a loner, I suppose. Creede has a population of four hundred and Dad thought that was way too many people.” “I know the feeling. I lived in London for a while. That was definitely too many people.” He kept his tone even. It was odd. Now that he was here, that hunger he always felt was tempered by her fear. He’d thought he would take anything offered to him, but he couldn’t having met her. If the blonde had offered herself up, he would have turned her down. Over the two hours they’d sat in the booth, eating fried food and drinking beer, he’d figured something out. Some people were more special than others. River was special. He should be more cynical. He could hear Damon Knight telling him to be cautious, but he couldn’t make himself do it. Perhaps it was the fact that he didn’t have a long well of history to draw from and to teach him that this was likely a mistake. It didn’t feel like a mistake. “Wow. I’ve never been farther than Kansas City.” She still wasn’t moving and her voice had taken on a tremulous tone. His heart constricted, and it was surprisingly easy to not listen to his dick. His dick was pleading with him to get aggressive. His dick was trying to convince him that if he could get inside her, she would accept him. Yeah, he wasn’t going to listen to his dick. “If you’ve changed your mind, I can call my brother to pick me up. I have a phone and so does he. His number is programmed in. I don’t want to scare you. I had a good time talking to you tonight. It was one of the nicest nights I’ve had in a long time.” Ever. It was the best night ever. It was the first night he felt normal, though he wasn’t exactly sure what that word meant. Comfortable was a better one. That tight feeling in his chest had eased as he’d sat in the booth with River and Tucker and Heather. Although he’d hated lying to her. She finally turned, looking at him. Her eyes shone in the moonlight. “You mean that, don’t you?” He wanted to touch her. He’d had to force his hands not to move toward her all night long. The most he’d allowed himself was to have their hips and shoulders touch as they’d sat next to each other. He’d decided it had been a good thing he’d sat next to her because he was fairly certain he had a case of Big Tag’s crazy eyes, and she would have seen them had he sat across from her. “I do mean it. Please don’t get me wrong. I want you. I would like nothing more in the world than to take you into that cabin, lay you out, and make a feast of you. I want to kiss you and when I say that I don’t merely mean your lips. I want to put my mouth all over your body. But more than I want that, I want you to like me.” It was important somehow. He wouldn’t see her after tonight, but he couldn’t stand the idea that she was afraid of him. Everyone was afraid of him. Everyone he knew was waiting for his powder keg to blow, but he’d sworn to himself earlier in the evening that it wouldn’t blow around her. He would protect her even if it was only for one night.         

NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Lexi Blake lives in North Texas with her husband, three kids, and the laziest rescue dog in the world. She began writing at a young age, concentrating on plays and journalism. It wasn’t until she started writing romance and urban fantasy that she found the stories of her heart. She likes to find humor in the strangest places and believes in happy endings no matter how odd the couple, threesome, or foursome may seem.


OverEasy/OverHard Cover Reveal!

Title: Over Easy
Series: Santa Lena Sizzles Duet #1
Author: Jessa York
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Designs & Photography, LLC
Release Date: September 14 , 2018


If it’s easy, it’s not worth it…

After a tumultuous divorce, the last thing Harper wants—or needs—is a new man in her life.  She’s done with love and romance.  When a smear of lipstick and a Pink Squirrel turn into a chance encounter that she’ll never forget, everything changes.

Nothing worth having comes easy…

Jack can’t believe his luck.  When the mysterious woman he’s had his eyes set on falls into his arms—literally—he realizes he can’t let her go.  He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep her, even if it means playing with fire.


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Title: Over Hard
Series: Santa Lena Sizzles Duet #2
Author: Jessa York
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Cover Design: Judi Perkins, Concierge Literary Designs & Photography, LLC
Release Date: September 28, 2018


Love looks easy, but it’s harder than you think…

Done.  Harper is done with men.  They’re too complicated, frustrating—and dangerous.  After a run-in with her ex-husband, Harper ends all contact with her boyfriend, Jack, the one man who stole her heart.

But when Jack and Harper are thrown together to help a friend, all her old feelings reignite.  Torn between closing herself off and her desire to understand his life and choices, Harper delves into his world.  Jack’s past may complicate things even more.  Will Harper see that the payoff is greater than the risk?

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Author Bio

Jessa lives in a very non-descript, unassuming town filled with the best kind of people. Most days, she can be found in the stands of various soccer fields, cheering her on Youngest, or discussing books with her Oldest (who is an English Honors student).

At night, if she’s not up burning the midnight oil, Jessa enjoys snuggling up to her hubby and watching his latest pick for a cheesy romance movie. He always chooses the best ones. (after he cooks supper, of course)

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ARC Review - Mercenary Princess by Setta Jay!


A crown princess living a dangerous double life and a sinfully sexy Russian billionaire with a ruthless penchant for collecting secrets: a match set for disaster.

For years, one man has ruled Sophia’s fantasies. The harmless obsession keeps her warm on the nights her double life starts to take its toll. She, unfortunately, gains his attention at the worst possible moment, when she’s in the middle of a dangerous job. Now, she’ll be forced to protect her heart along with her life of lies.

Viktor has been tempted by the innocent princess’s lust-filled glances for far too long, and he has fought hard to resist her beauty. When her secrets finally draw him in, getting through her royal guard proves a minor inconvenience. But one sexually charged night isn’t enough. He wants more, including whatever she’s hiding beneath that demure fa├žade.

As much as Sophia wants Viktor, she can never fully allow him in because her secrets aren’t her own. Viktor is determined to have all of his princess. Will they find a way to be together, or will her dangerous secrets tear them apart?


WOOOOOOOOOOW! That is the first thing that popped in my head after reading this VERY THRILLING book. This was so incredibly different from what Setta Jay normally writes and I was AWED and AMAZED by it. It was HIGH OCTANE EXCITEMENT WITH A TOUCH OF DARKNESS, and a WHOLE LOT OF YUM! 

I am IM-FREAKING-PRESSED with Mercenary Princess. Sophia was such a strong and surprising heroine while Viktor is ONE SUPER SEXY RUSSIAN that I wanted to DEVOUR! Viktor and Sophia had AMAZING, CRACKLING WITH CHEMISTRY and the sex...HOLY EFFING HOTNESS I needed cold shower after cold shower reading this wicked and delightful scenes. It was perfection. I think Setta Jay NAILED IT with her first ever Contemporary Romance and I am so excited for more!


ARC Review - Misty's Mayhem (Sea Shenanigans book 3) by Robyn Peterman!


Misty What's love got to do with it? If you're Cupid, everything. If you're me, not a thing in the sea. I don't believe in love. Poseidon is smoking some bad seaweed if he expects me to take the one job I'm obviously not qualified for. Rumor has it, Cupid is a chubby baby with a bad attitude. That's all I need. A pissed off porcine toddler with love arrows gunning for my tail because I took his job. On top of that, the idiot I'm kind of seeing who shall remain nameless-mostly because I don't know his name... don't judge-left red and silver magic all over my skin and hair last time we... umm...went on a date. And guess what? It doesn't wash off. Poseidon saw me sparkling away and now I'm freakin' Cupid. Getting to the bottom of this abyss means finding what's his name and thrashing his fine, smexy behind with my fin. Why does this send shivers of delight all the way to the tip of my tail you might ask? I have no clue and no time to figure it out. Don't judge. I'm about to give love a bad name. Cupid Love is a fool's game. Or at least I thought so for the past millennium... Getting fired by a slightly inebriated God of the Sea isn't so bad as long as you can find your way past the slurring of his words. Finding out Poseidon's replacing me with the Mermaid I've been seeing for the past fifty years is an arrow straight to the heart. And not the good kind. No big deal, right? I'll just go to her and explain the job is mine. End of story. Of course, it could get a bit awkward since we never actually exchanged names. I'm Cupid and will always be Cupid. Sure, I may have slacked off a little and caused a tear in the abyss that may have possibly let some Demons through to this plane. I mean, who doesn't let that happen every now and again? But the word around Mt. Olympus is that said Demons are coming for Cupid. And if she's Cupid and I'm not, then they're coming for my Mermaid. Unacceptable. It might be a battlefield-but in the name of love, I'll fight for this crazy little thing.


A STUPIDLY HILARIOUS, EXTREMELY ENTERTAINING READ! Again, Robyn Peterman blew it out of the water (giggle-snort) with her latest Sea Shenanigans book, Misty's Mayhem. Its uproariously funny, wildly hot, and just stupid good!

I had a blast reading Misty's story! She is such a feisty mermaid and Cupid, oh I would happily jump this sexy immortal's bones in no time flat. These two had crackling chemistry. Add in the hilarious banter and totally crazy (in the best way of course) wit and this book was pure gold! This is a ultra good time story and will make just about ANYONE laugh, I can guarantee it!  


Roadster Cover Reveal!

COVER REVEAL! Your next adventure from Danielle Norman releases September 13th. Meet The Iron Ladies starting with Roadster!


"Here, take this, you need it.” Those words used to mean something different to Adeline Morgan. Once upon a time, they preceded her next high. Now they had a deeper meaning, they were the sacred code of a whisper network of women. Women who'd been helped by The Iron Ladies.
The wives of controlling husbands. The partners of cheating men. The lovers of playboys leading secret lives. As an Iron Lady, Adeline helped them all. And she loved every minute of it.
And with each case Adeline grew jaded. Every man had the potential to break hearts and destroy lives. Until she met the one determined to prove her wrong. He didn’t want to break her heart…he wanted to steal it.

About Danielle
Before becoming a romance writer, Danielle was a body double for Heidi Klum and a backup singer for Adele. Now, she spends her days trying to play keep away from Theo James, who won't stop calling her or asking her out. And all of this happens before she wakes up and faces reality where in fact she is a 50-something mom with grown kids. She's been married longer than Theo's been alive, and she now gets her kicks riding a Harley. As far as her body, she can thank Ben & Jerry's for that, as well as gravity and vodka. But she says that she could never be Adele's backup since she never stops saying the F-word long enough to actually sing. Danielle writes about kickass women with even better shoes and the men that try to tame them (silly, silly men).

Mercenary Princess Release Blitz!


Mercenary Princess, the first in a thrilling, new erotic contemporary romance series by Setta Jay is LIVE!


A crown princess living a dangerous double life and a sinfully sexy Russian billionaire with a ruthless penchant for collecting secrets: a match set for disaster.
For years, one man has ruled Sophia’s fantasies. The harmless obsession keeps her warm on the nights her double life starts to take its toll. She, unfortunately, gains his attention at the worst possible moment, when she’s in the middle of a dangerous job. Now, she’ll be forced to protect her heart along with her life of lies.


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About Setta:
Setta Jay is the author of the popular Guardians of the Realms Series. She's garnered attention and rave reviews in the paranormal romance world for writing smart, slightly innocent heroines and intense alpha males. She loves creating stories that incorporate a strong plot with a heavy dose of heat. An avid reader her entire life, her love of romance started at a far too early age with the bodice rippers she stole from her older sister. Along with reading, she loves animals, brunch dates, coffee that is really more French vanilla creamer, questionable reality television, English murder mysteries, and has dreams of traveling the world. Born a California girl, she currently resides in Idaho with her incredibly supportive husband. She loves to hear from readers so feel free to find her on social media or send her an email and she will happily reply.


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