Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Review of The Accidental Hedonist by Tim Goodwood

     Today I decided to sneak in a review and boy, its much different than most of the romances I have rated and reviewed. Its certainly one of the most HARDEST books I had to rate as of yet as well. This isn't so much a romance as a man's discovery and exploration of his sexuality. It had me laughing at points and shaking my head at others. But it also had me...intrigued too.
British boy, Tim Goodwood, doesn't know what to make of his ever growing sexuality. Several fumbling encounters with his bum hole lead him on a startling journey of self discovery with the opposite sex in various and completely inappropriate places that lead to serious consequences of a cock-blocking nature.

This is Tim's POV and it was at times exhilarating and downright laughable as he went about exploring what he liked in sex. It took me a long while to settle with a rating. After a couple of sleepless nights and days pondering what to give this book, I decided in the end the one that had me the most comfortable was a Three out of Five Stars. This is a unique story and I am definitely wondering what else will happen in Part 2. This book should not be taken lightly though. It is about a man finding his own way around his sexuality and exploring every possibility. Its funny, arousing, and just downright interesting.

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