Thursday, August 22, 2013

Review of My Decadent Demon by Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn

Happy Thursday! Today I am pleased to say I am reviewing a book so good and wonderful that it just makes me sigh whenever I think of it, written by a couple of new and VERY talented authors, Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn. These ladies are FABILICIOUS in their style of writing and had me very glad to have read their very fine book.
Seraphina Orielle, an angel of divine fire and light, was also an oracle of foresight. Considered adolescent among her peers, she had yet to master her gift of precognition when her first vision came to pass; a captivating male whose destiny was intimately intertwined with her own. Yet he was not of angelic design. In fact, he was very far from it. Tragically, by the time Sera discovered this pivotal detail, he had already attained ownership of her heart.
But not her ability to flee…
A hundred years later and Cole Asteroth does whatever the hell he wants. When he’s not busy, that is, with ‘dirty deeds, done dirt cheap’ for his master. Ornery and sarcastic, he gets his kicks wreaking havoc in the human realm. Oh, and making very un-angelic women beg for his touch. Life is good…
Until fate catches up with him.
A few weak moments, one too many innocent visitations and the two are entangled all over again. But things are much more complicated now. And Cole no longer possesses much in the way of faith and forgiveness.
As the estranged lovers struggle with what path to take, they quickly discover that destiny, too, is a reluctant second chance provider. As outside resistance and decadent captivity ensues, can their situation get any more exasperating?
My Review:
I gave this book a FOUR AND A HALF STARS! This was such a unique and well written story with very likeable characters, a easy to follow storyline, and just plenty of smoking hot passion, with a sprinkle of humor. I was drawn to both Cole and Seraphina and their story from the beginning and I was both thrilled with the turn of events within the story and sad to see it end. Even though this was not a long read, it was still quite good and I didn't feel like anything was left unsaid or left out. I found this story both fun and sweet and was just plain an enjoyable read. I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for more stories from Nikita Jakz and Alicia Dawn.
I truly hope that this review was helpful and will maybe make YOU check out these new authors and their wonderful book, My Decadent Demon. May you have a great day and find many great reads.

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