Friday, August 3, 2018

ARC Review - The Believer by Pamela DuMond!


THE BELIEVER: Jack & Clara can be read as a STAND ALONE in the Mortal Beloved Time Travel Series by USA Today Bestsellingauthor Pamela DuMond.

Someone in 1961 East Berlin is praying for help. Someone is praying for guidance. I'm neither angel, or demon, but I can handle this.

I'm Jack Spencer, a Messenger -- a time traveler who delivers critical messages into the past. Traveling to Berlin during the Cold War will be dangerous - all the better to distract me from the fact that Clara Beaumont, the girl I have loved forever, is getting married today. Sadly, not to me.

But when I land in 1961 Berlin, I discover that Clara has accidentally time traveled here as well. And unlike me -- she doesn't have a clue as to what she's doing. Can I save the girl I love? Or will I lose her forever...

One-click this action-packed, romantic thriller! 


What a fabulous, unique, original, very thrilling story that was full of heart pounding action and a love so grand, I felt myself falling HARD! 

The Believer is completely different, wonderfully so. The story has thrills, decadent heat, an amazing storyline with so many surprises I was constantly on my toes. I didn't get bored once while reading this. Its so different and well written with some seriously amazing characters. The descriptions from the past and present in this book felt so realistic. It made me feel like I was there, seeing what Jack and Clara were seeing and experiencing as they traveled through time and it was pretty neat. I haven't read anything quite like this romance before and honestly I don't think I ever will. Amazing!


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