Thursday, April 25, 2013

Review for Tangled In Divine by Heather Rainier

   I am so excited to finally be doing this review for this incredible erotic romance. For those of you that don't know, This is the 14th installment in the Divine Creek Ranch Series by one of the most sweetest author you could possibly imagine, Heather Rainier. It has everything you could possibly want. Sexy cowboys with hearts of gold, feisty women, and the most divine town in Texas.

Robbed of her family's legacy, Gwen Henderson blindly sets out to win it back. In Divine she finds employment until she rejoins the rodeo circuit for one more winning year. What she doesn't foresee is getting tangled up with two cowboys who have her yearning for life in Divine when her dreams are in Colorado.

                                                                                                     Rolling like a tumbleweed through life, Julian Alvarez takes the chance to be with Gwen, knowing she can't stay permanently and his heart may be in ruins when she leaves.

Resigned to loneliness, Chris Potter believes his faults and lack of finesse may mean he'll spend his life looking out for others but never knowing love- until the day he sets eyes on a feisty cowgirl named Gwen.

Can she trade her dreams of life in Colorado for love in Divine, Texas-and is she even capable of leaving  the two cowboys who have stolen her heart?
 Heather Rainier NEVER disappoints when it comes to steamy erotic romance with the sexiest cowboys on the planet and the amazing women they wrangle up. This installment is probably my favorite book in this series other then Divine Grace. Its so delicious and full of passion that had me squirming in my  seat. The barn scene is stuck in my brain as the most erotic scene I have encountered and boy is it DIVINE!!  Chris is about the sweetest guy full of laughter and he certainly is a perfect "woobie." Julian is sexy, and has just a touch of a Dominant in him that just makes you want to do something...naughty just to get a spanking. Gwen is a sweet, independent woman filled with so much passion and has such  a kind heart. She can't resist either one of these to-die-for cowboys and honestly, I can't blame her.  I want my map to Divine so I can find a cowboy or two and settle down with a bunch of great friends that make you feel both welcome and cared for. LOVED IT!! I had no choice but to give this book a FIVE STARS because of all the passion, sigh worthy moments, and sweet adventures. I already look forward to the next installment with bated breath.


  1. Marie,

    A great review for a very talented author. Heather Rainier was the first erotic romance author I read and she had me hooked. She is one of my auto-buy authors and she has NEVER disappointed me. I am looking forward to checking in with you and maybe even finding some new authors to read.

    1. Lisa, I know EXACTLY what you mean. Whenever I pick up one of these sexy Divine books, I am filled with warmth and I smile constantly..its like a homecoming and i always look forward to the next one! Heather Rainier is a terrific writer and such a sweetie! :) Thank you so much for checking out this review and commenting.