Sunday, July 7, 2013

Review of MacRieve by Kresley Cole

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July. Even though the fireworks I went to see, weren't all that great, I still had a very good time. I am thrilled to be doing a review today for MacRieve by Kresley Cole. This is the next book in the IAD(Immortals After Dark) Series by Kresley Cole. This is one of my favorite series of all time! They have any and all kinds of Immortals you can imagine. Valkyries, vampires, Fey, Demons, Lykae, Witches...and so on. I have a personal favorite for the Lykae. They are amazingly seductive, strong, kind, loyal, and can turn into a "Beast" when their mates are in danger. Plus they are Scottish! How I love me some sexy Scotsmen.

Uilleam MacRieve believed he’d laid to rest the ghosts of his boyhood. But when a brutal torture revives those ancient agonies and destroys his Lykae instinct, the proud Scot craves the oblivion of death. Until he finds her—a young human so full of spirit and courage that she pulls him back from the brink.


Seized for the auction block, Chloe Todd is forced to enter a terrifying new world of monsters and lore as a bound slave. When offered up to creatures of the dark, she fears she won’t last the night. Until she’s claimed by him—a wicked immortal with heartbreaking eyes, whose touch sets her blood on fire.


With enemies circling, MacRieve spirits Chloe away to the isolated Highland keep of his youth. But once he takes her to his bed, his sensual mate becomes something more than human, evoking his savage past and testing his sanity. On the cusp of the full moon, can he conquer his worst nightmare to save Chloe…from himself?
I gave this a Five out of Five Stars! It was an incredible story. Uilleam  MacRieve was tortured by Webb, a  former military man who formed the "Order" to capture, study, and destroy the Immortals thinking they were preying on mortals. When he escapes, he is out of his mind, crazy with all the things done to him in the Order's prison plus by a past that still haunts him featuring a perverted Succubus who used him when he was only nine years old. When he finds out that a batch of Witches captures Webb's daughter, he goes to pay revenge only to find his mate in the beautiful yet brave young mortal. Turns out after he claims her, that she is an immortal herself and his worst enemy..a succubus! Now Imagine poor Chloe as she finds herself changing but not knowing what she will be changing herself into until her "awakening". She gets kidnapped, her father abandons her, and she finds a crazed Lykae who claims she is his mate. When she hops into bed with the sexy Will, her awakening turns her into a gorgeous young Succubus, the very creature who tormented Will and helped kill his parents when he was just a boy. He of course, hates her at first for what she is, but when she becomes ill do to his hate, he realizes that not all Succubus are the same and is determined to save her and win her heart. This book had me biting my nails, giggling, sighing and had me at the edge of my seat the whole time I was reading. Mrs. Cole's IAD world is an intriguing place filled with violence, passion, many species of immortals, and love that won't be denied. Just when I think this world can't get better, I turn out to be wrong and I couldn't be happier being wrong. For all you IAD fans, you will no doubt find yourself enthralled with the latest IAD book and will pray, beg, and cry until the next one is released. For those that haven't given this incredible series a go, YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST! Its super addicting and full of adventure and crazy immortals you will both love and hate. A MUST MUST MUST READ!


  1. I love this series. After Lothaire this is on of my favorite characters. I cannot wait for the next one.

  2. Me Too Jary. I was hooked on this since I read my first one in the series, Wicked Deeds On A Winter's Night. I absolutely LOVE the Lykae then I would say the vampires are my second favorite species in the IAD series. Thanks so much for stopping by. :)