Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Review of Unbridled Temptation (Montana Double Riders 1) by Elle Saint James

Happy Hump Day folks! Today's Review is about Unbridled Temptation by talented author Elle Saint James. This is a story about a couple of good looking cowboys, a old western town in an amusement park, and a beautiful young woman looking for her runaway sister in said amusement park. She meets both mouthwatering men and can't help but to give them a ride..I mean try. *Wink wink*
Jocelyn Demarco has gone to great lengths searching for her runaway sister, including something she swore she’d never do. Taking a single day off to relieve some stress from her journey and also to enjoy her passion for history in an Old West–themed town, she finds sexy cowboys Kendall Forrester and Logan Pearson and can’t keep her lips off of either man. They take the occasion to tie her up and control her sexual bliss, teaching her about the pleasures they enjoy. Being bound and blindfolded becomes her newly discovered satisfaction. Confirmed bachelors Kendall and Logan never thought they’d find a woman who would make them ache at her departure. They’ve never wanted to settle down until Jocelyn came along. After she leaves, they discover her deception. Will their wickedly dark and sexy lifestyle intrigue Jocelyn enough to come back to Montana for another taste, or will the secret they’ve discovered keep them from trusting her to pursue a future?
My Review:
I give this a 4 out of 5 stars. It was fun reading a romance book about cowboys in a Western family amusement park. It was a different twist on your average cowboy who works or owns a ranch. Kendall and Logan are perfectly handsome rascals who own this authentic looking Western town who just like to recreate the Old West for families that wanted a small taste of the Old West without having to read about it in a history book. When Logan plays at being a highwayman and robs the " wagon" passing by, he meets beautiful innocent Jocelyn and since she doesn't have any fancy jewels or money, decides to "steal" a kiss instead. Sparks instantly fly between these two then comes Kendall as the sexy sheriff who can't help but to taste Jocelyn for himself as well. They decide to have a fun night filled with hot sex between the three of them before Jocelyn goes on her way again to find her wayward sister. She ends up coming back a few weeks later because she craves the dark tastes in the bedroom that those sexy men describe to her and she wants..MORE!! This story was a wonderful first book in this series and I can't help but to wonder what other sexy men there are in this little Western Town and what other delights they play out with their women. If you like sexy cowboys, innocent women who love to be tied up and a Old Western Town, then you will no doubt be in love with this series.

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