Friday, September 13, 2013

Review of Healing a Cowboy's Heart by Sandy Sullivan

Howdy folks! Today I am part of Sandy Sullivan's Healing  A Cowboy's Heart Blog Tour. This is my HONEST AND TRUE REVIEW. We hope you will take the time to check out this review and to follow the rest of the blogs on this awesome Blog Tour.
Jeffery Young is tired of women and their games. His son’s mother did enough damage to his heart to last a lifetime. Now, he had to deal with the architect helping the land developers tear up the local ranches for their houses. Not on his watch.

Terri Kennedy had her own plans. As the architect for a large land development in Bandera Texas, the deal would put her business on the map, but dealing with the stubborn, bullheaded male from the local ranch didn’t come with her job description. Maybe staying on their guest ranch would give her some clues as how to handle Mr. Stubborn Jackass.

Will the secrets she’s harboring keep him from getting close?

Can he learn to trust women again or should be play the game to find out what’s she’s up to?
Healing a Cowboy's Heart is one of the best books I read this year! I give this a EASY FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! This story had everything. A sexy, stubborn cowboy. A sassy, spirited woman who doesn't know the meaning of give up and a ranch that any person in the world would be glad to call home. I found Jeffery to be the kind of cowboy who I wished I could meet in the real world. He is a VERY loving father, a kind hearted man with shadows on his heart but who is also capable of extreme goodness and can be very pig headed. Now Terri, she is my kind of gal filled with warmth, sassiness, a feisty mouth when you get her going but who is also is very good with children and is just as stubborn as Jeffery, which in my opinion, made them the perfect match. I enjoyed how steamy the sex scenes were and yet how real the whole thing felt to me. It reminded me of how two people in real life would work through a relationship. We know that their are hardships yet moments of utter bliss and as I was reading this book I got to experience it all and that to me, just made this whole book that much more interesting. I can not say enough good things about this book and hope a couple of you lovely peeps would give Sandy Sullivan's Healing a Cowboy's Heart a whirl. I am just about positive you will LOVE IT!

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  1. I commented on yesterday's blog so I don't know if todays will count for the giveaway. I am familiar with the Bandera, Texas area as my husband used to live just west of Houston and I am from western Louisiana. I love cowboys!! Congrats on your book.