Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ARC Review of Saving Their Princess by TL Reeve


Sabine Babineaux, daughter of the mayor of New Orleans and waitress at The Three Princesses bar, is snatched from the street after a late night at work and knocked unconscious. Waking in a cage, Sabine is determined to escape and take the other women in the basement lair with her.

Stuart Renwick and Kyle Novak, detectives with the New Orleans police department, are assigned a kidnapping case with multiple victims. However, when one of the missing women, Sabine Babineaux, arrives at their precinct, injured and terrified, they take the damsel in distress under their wings and into their home. But the gallant detectives find their princess a big temptation. What will she say when they tell her they like to share?

Can they work fast enough to find out who the kidnapper is and bring them to justice or will they take more victims or come for Sabine again?

Will Sabine survive long enough to explore her feelings for both detectives? Or will Stuart and Kyle fall at the hands of her kidnapper?


 Whenever I pick up a story by TL Reeve I know I am getting a quality story with nail biting suspense, sexy alpha males, sassy and sweet heroines, and sex so HOT, it will leave me melting and squirming all over the place.
Saving Their Princess was pretty freaking awesome. I was immediately taking in with the suspense and action that took place from the moment I opened it. To me, there is nothing more sexy then a couple of gorgeous cops rescuing women. Both detectives are dominating, charming, SMOKING HOT, and they both ooze sexuality. Sabine is a real hero. She rescues herself and the other women and even though she is still frightened, she won't let that stop her from moving on. And with the help from sexy Stuart and Kyle, she gets help and finds love at the same time.
This is fast paced, written to perfection with a TON of action, suspense, and surprises that will leave your mouth hanging open. I really think this story is a winner and am dying to know what else TL Reeve has got in store for us in the future. I give Saving Their Princess an astounding FIVE OUT OF FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its just an amazing piece of work and the story is fulfilling  and addictive.

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