Thursday, August 6, 2015

Netgalley eARC - Undying Hope by Emma Weylin


An ancient warrior. A timeless battle.
Haven Killian needs help. As the heiress of an ancient organization called the Black Rose, she is charged with keeping alive the line of succession. When she vows to protect a young boy tormented by magic, all she has to go on are rumors of an immortal with the power to save him.
As Battle King of the Undying, Quinn Donovan has the most powerful magic on the planet. Yet, he has waited an eternity to find his lifebond: the one woman destined to be his mate. The moment he meets Haven, he senses she is his. His instincts scream to protect the woman and the boy she guards, and to claim her as his own.  But Haven is mortal, and for them to be united, she must become one of the Undying.


The cover for this book is what drew me in at first. The sexy image of a couple in a intimate embrace screamed of a romance filled with HOT sex, steamy sensuality and was guaranteed to be a good read. Thank goodness I wasn't disappointed! The second thing that drew the eye was of course the synopsis. I love paranormal romances and this one screamed that it was going to be one that would appeal to me. 

The characters are interesting and the plot had me on the edge of my seat. Undying Hope is action-packed with one sexy immortal King, one brave and spirited mortal who protects those in need, and had the kind of love that is breathtaking and unbreakable. The dialogue is beautifully written and will leave a reader on the floor as a puddle of goo. What else can I say that will tell you how much I loved this story? 

I gave Undying Hope by Emma Weylin a SENSUAL FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its sinful, sexy, dangerous, and all consuming. A true MUST read!

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