Friday, July 22, 2016

ARC Review - Drawn To A Cowboy by Fifi Flowers!


Jade Cassidy, beach girl, always longed to live in the country. She had her next adventure all mapped out, or so she thought.

Sage Donovan, born a city boy, always longed to be a cowboy. And as soon as he got his chance, he slipped on his boots, put on his hat and saddled up for new adventures at the Bleu Moon Ranch.

When Sage finds a beautiful crayon-red haired woman who appears to be in need of help, he takes it upon himself to offer his assistance. Only she may be more than he can handle. But he can't deny that Jade has brought a renewed brightness to his life that feels so right.

Could Jade's dream of finding a cowboy be coming true?

Will Sage let her in or risk losing Jade, his crayon-red haired cowgirl forever?


This book happens to be the first book I have read by Fifi Flowers and I was instantly enraptured with this story. I loved having both Jade and Sage's POVs. It was entertaining, sexy, fun, and AWESOME to see what each character was thinking and feeling. I loved being basically intimate with them.

I was really impressed with this story. I loved the characters and I loved the sexy scenes and yummilicious romance! I definitely have a new author I LOVE. Drawn To A Cowboy was a written masterpiece. I loved the plot and the pace was nice and steady. Not too long, or too slow, but just right. It was so easy to like this book, and I am ecstatic to find a new author I can now put on my, "MUST HAVE" list.

Drawn To A Cowboy gets a STEAMILICOUS FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS! It was a breathtaking, sexy, fun romance that I HIGHLY recommend you check out.

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