Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ARC Review - Shamelessly Spellbound by Cassandra Lawson!


Melina Blackwood has never been tempted to get involved with any warlock. That is, until she met Trevor Dupree, a warlock who would need an accountant to figure out how many witches he’s been with. Trevor infuriates her, confuses her, but most of all, he makes her long for his touch. Turning him down wasn’t easy the first time, and she’s not sure she can resist the temptation now that Trevor is willing to do anything to make her his. 

Trevor Dupree has been infatuated with far too many witches, believing every witch he’s dated had the potential to be the witch he’d spend the rest of his life with. At least, that’s how things were until he met Melina Blackwood. The irritating witch not only turned him down, she practically filed a restraining order to keep him away. Everyone figured he’d move on to the next witch, but six months later, she’s still the only witch he wants. Now, he’s tired of living an empty life, and willing to do whatever it takes to claim his witch. 

One woman can prevent Melina and Trevor’s happily ever after. Her obsession with Trevor will drive her to do whatever it takes to possess him; she is even willing to kill for the man she loves.


HOLY HOT TAMALE! Shamelessly Spellbound, the second book in Cassandra Lawson's absolutely irresistible Spells That Bind series, is HOT HOT HOT! I mean I had to have a fan and ICE WATER for the majority of the book. Trevor and Melina blew up my ereader...ok they didn't blow it up, but I swear they definitely made it heat up. I was worried it was going to catch on fire. To say Trevor and Melina had intense chemistry, is putting it lightly. I loved their passion for each other. Melina is tough, sassy, sexy, curvy, and her take charge attitude pleased me. Trevor is outrageously flirty, sexy, dominant, and oh so possessive. I loved how he was with Mr. Whiskers and I got a real kick out of him being a condor.

I laughed, I bit my lip, I was on the edge of my seat, and I had many hot flashes thanks to all the sexy scenes that seemed non-stop. Miss Lawson's Spells That Bind series is my absolute FAVORITE series. The covers are always amazing and sexy, and the plot always catches my attention with a nice steady pace that flows with the story. I always loved the writing and the characters are a guarantee to be a hit with me. In this case, Trevor and Melina (ok, and Mr. Whiskers) are truly fantastic and are probably my favorite. They make a perfect match.

Shamelessly Spellbound gets a SINFULLY FUN FIVE SHOOTING STARS! It took my breath away and the delicious scenes had me squirming. Loved this book and I most assuredly think its a MUST BUY THIS SECOND book. 

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