Thursday, April 16, 2015

Laurie's Loves by Lynnette Bernard ARC Review!


Alpha Jace Beckett is not willing to commit himself to a mate--even if his hold on humanity is quickly slipping away without the grounding presence of the final member of his triad.
Jackson Scott is beta and triad partner to Jace. Jackson knows they both need that one woman to complete their triad, love them, and give them a future filled with tenderness, caring, and cubs. 
Laurie Young is their fated triad mate--a human who knows nothing of their world. They need her to accept their wolves and their mating. Her children would be theirs, and they would do everything to protect her from her abusive ex. They just have to convince her to stay with them and accept that they were fated to share a life together. She has to know that they loved and wanted her even before they realized she was carrying their baby.



Laurie's Loves happens to be the first book I have read by Lynnette Bernard, but it will NOT be my last. This story was so powerful. The writing was great with some major sexy alpha males and the one woman that makes both of them feel things that they never thought to feel. Lynnette takes us into the world of wolf shifters who are looking for their one true mate. Jackson and Jace are triad partners and now all they need to be complete, is the one woman meant to be theirs.

They get that mate in a beautiful, shy woman named Laurie. She has NO IDEA shifters exist because she is a human. She happens to find the town where these shifters are only because she is looking for a nice place she can relax and enjoy her vacation from her nasty abusive ex. The moment Jace sees Laurie he knows right away from her scent what she is to him and Jackson and he isn't prepared for it at all. In fact he tries to fight it, but the desire and need for his mate is uncontrollable and soon he is falling in love with Laurie. Jackson on the other hand has no issues and he also knows that she is their destined mate, but instead of wanting to fight the attraction, he goes all out to show her how much he wants her. 

I really loved the plot to this romance. It was thought out and fit the story well. The characters are definitely some of the finest. I love the compassion, the strength, the passion, and the love. The sex was just MIND BOGGLING GOOD! This happens to be the first story I ever read with double vaginal penetration and I was stunned on how erotic and sexy yet sweet it was. I gave this story a FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS!! Laurie's Loves is a definite favorite and I will be adding this to my books-that-must-be-reread-often shelf. Yes, its THAT good!! Well done Lynnette Bernard. Well done.

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