Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Raven's Blood by Cassandra Lawson Review!


Following the death of her wood nymph mother at the hands of vampires, Raven worked hard to build a life for herself in one of the few remaining human settlements. Her life takes a frightening turn when she finds herself an unwilling guest in a vampire settlement, but things are not anything like she expected them to be. Still, she cannot help but feel that her attraction to the vampire leader is a betrayal to her mother’s memory and her human friends. 

From the moment Connor first laid eyes on Raven she has thrown his entire world off-balance. In order to prove his strength as a leader, he has no choice but to take her up on her offer to trade her freedom for that of her human friends. Having begun his life as a slave, he has no interest in keeping the wood nymph captive. As a man, he has no desire to feel this overwhelming attraction to a woman who hates him and his kind. 

As Raven spends more time with the vampires, her feelings for Connor grow even stronger and Connor finds that she may be the one thing he cannot live without. Unfortunately, a new danger emerges that could threaten the survival of vampires and humans alike. As Connor struggles to unravel the mystery of the attacks from a new species of vampire, a madman will go to any lengths to get Raven’s blood. 


I want to tell you right off the bat, that one of the BEST things about Raven's Blood by Cassandra Lawson is it can be read as a stand alone story. Its not that I don't mind if you have to read it in order, but it is better getting a story where you don't always have to worry about reading it in order. I really liked Raven's Blood too. Its full of action, suspense, zesty romance and all the things that I LOVE about paranormal. We have vampires and Nymphs and other paranormal activity going on that drew me like a moth to flame. I loved Raven and Connor. Connor is definitely the kind of alpha male any red-blooded woman would desire. He is strong, sexy, confident and exudes sex appeal like you wouldn't believe. Raven is a good match for him because she is feisty, caring, and beautiful.

The story itself was sexy and was a real page turner. I think Cassandra Lawson is a new favorite author of mine, especially after reading Raven's Blood. With that said, I gave Raven's Blood a FINE FOUR AND A HALF SHOOTING STARS!! Its well written with a strong plot, sexy vampires, and feisty nypms! A paranormal delight!

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