Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Power Surge (Book 1 of Anna Jennings Super Novel) by E.J. Whitmer ARC Review!


Anna Jennings is no superhero. In fact, had you asked her about superheroes a week ago, she would have called you crazy. She believes in routine, working hard and playing harder. 

But that all changed one night when she and her wayward sidekick Carl discovered several of her co-workers engaged in some decidedly non-run-of-the-mill human activities. 

Now her life is in a whirlwind as she finds herself caught up in the superhero world of her super-sexy boss and her long time crush as they battle the evil Captain Zinger (yes, really). 

Will Anna find a way to save her superheroes (even with the disastrous help of the spandex-loving Carl), her sanity, her new found love, and - oh yeah - the world? 

Find out in Power Surge - Book 1 in the Anna Jennings Super Novel Series!


This book was SOOOOOOO MUCH FUN! I love a book with both humor and romance, but Miss Whitmer took it to a whole new and fun level with her book, Power Surge. The characters are funny, sassy, hilarious, and down right charming! I laughed my head off throughout this book and was thoroughly entertained. The hero names were out of this world and there was always something humorous going on. There are only a few authors that I know that could put off this kind of fun and romance, and now I can add E.J. Whitmer to that list as well. 

I really liked Anna. She was a fun and friendly character that I could picture being friends with and having one hell of a good time with. She has got to be one of the most spirited and feisty female characters that I have read about that is downright awesome! I loved her adventures and her everyday life. The fact that she gets to become a hero was so cool! Not to mention she gets some romance too. What more can I ask for in a book? The romance was exciting and sizzling while the story itself was so easy to love. 

I sincerely loved Whitmer's style of writing and enjoyed the first book to her Anna Jenings Super Novel Series and I am ecstatic about the second book and hope it comes out REAL DARN SOON! I gave Power Surge what it deserves, and that is a OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its deliciously entertaining, humorous, and sexy and its all jam-packed into this incredible story. I HIGHLY suggest you pick this book up TODAY and see why I gave it the rating I did!   

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