Saturday, January 16, 2016

ARC Review - Ravished by Jalek by Mychal Daniels!


Book #3 in the Olodian Alien Warrior Romance Series 

A lost breathing mask is the least of Jalek’s problems… 

No nonsense Simona Crowley is great at what she does—even if she has to prove it at every turn. As a lead investigator for the Global Space Federation of Earth, she will stop at nothing to find the truth. 

When she follows a hunch to re-investigate the ghostly space station that became a global tragedy for the history books, Simona finds a strange apparatus that could very well be alien technology. Could this be the evidence that proves intelligent alien beings exist? 

Holding the contraption up for a better view, she’s caught off guard when a large, tall ‘astronaut’ intruder appears from heaven only knows where. Intent on finding out the truth about its origins, there’s no way Simona is letting him get his hands on the find of a lifetime—no matter how irresistible she finds him. 

Will Jalek be able to resist the seductive pull of this female or risk exposing her to the truth? A truth that could be the start of a multi-galactic war. 


Ravished By Jalek was SO. MUCH. FUN. Simona is bright, feisty beyond imagining, sweet, and has no problems apologizing when she has done wrong. Jalek is handsome, stubborn, kind, and tries hard to resist his feisty Simona, but soon the sexual chemistry between them is too strong and out of control to deny. But we find out, that is what is the Goddess wanted all along. When a mystery arises and danger comes calling, its up to Simon and Jalek to investigate and when they do, fun, adventure, and sizzling romance ensues!

I absolutely LOVED how this story was written! Not only do we get some seriously hot sex, but we get an investigation that leads to lots of action and that glorious witty banter that has me giggling. This book was almost impossible to put down! If it wasn't for exhaustion, I know I would of read this in one sitting. As it is, I read more then half of it in one day and as soon as my kids were on the school bus, I finished it! SO. GOOD. Now something else I am amazed at is the descriptions of pretty much everything in the book. To the devices and pods, to different type of equipment that had me picturing in my mind, exactly what it would look like if they were real. AWESOME! 

Ravished By Jalek is a fun-filled, sexy romantic sci-fi adventure that is OUT OF THIS WORLD DELICIOUS! I give it a SPARKLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! This is a series I always look forward to reading. The characters are always intriguing and sexy, while the plots makes me want to read them again and again. HIGHLY. FREAKING. RECOMMENDED.

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