Friday, January 15, 2016

ARC Review - Unavoidable Heat (Men of Iron Horse 6) by Morgan Fox!


With the death of her parents, Janie Tatum’s life was forever changed. Now the sole guardian of her two brothers, she’s determined to give them the future she can no longer have. Putting aside all hope for love and career, she focuses on earning a living any way she can.
Lawyer Victor Cadwell has never had problems with female company, but when he meets Janie while she's tending bar at Iron Horse, he irresistibly intrigued. She’s feisty and he finds her lack of interest in him appealing. He wants nothing but to satisfy his lust-driven curiosity, and when she accepts his proposition for a one-night stand, he takes full advantage.
When Janie comes face to face with Victor at his legal firm all bets are off. Desperate, they try to put aside their differences and work together. Trouble is, the more time they spend together, the more they want the one thing both are trying hard to avoid—falling in love.

Now I have to admit, with Unavoidable Heat, I wasn't to0 impressed with our hero, Victor at first. But luckily he grew on me. Instead of the crude, arrogant man I assumed he was from the beginning, he turned out to be a sweet, caring, and well, sexy as all get out man! Janie is one heck of a strong woman. She is working hard to provide for her siblings since their parents death and didn't think she had time for men or romance in her life. When Victor offers her a one-night stand, and seeing how sexy he was, she couldn't say no! Little did she know she would see him again and the chemistry that sizzled between them, would not only still be going, but seemed more intense then ever!
Unavoidable Heat was scorching! The characters had me second guessing myself while the story captured my interest from chapter one. Miss Fox's Men of Iron Horse series is addicting and always mouth-watering good! The sex is super H-O-T too! I mean SO hot, that I am surprised my ereader didn't steam up and have a malfunction, kind of hot! 
Unavoidable Heat gets a SIZZLING FOUR SHOOTING STARS! Sexy, steamy, sizzling, this book will satisfy and have you craving more in the series. 

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