Monday, February 22, 2016

ARC Review - Bear Commitment by Marlie Monroe!


To protect her son, she must guard her heart. 

A fresh start…

Lila returned home to Pleasant Valley to give her half-shifter, half-human son a stable, loving home far away from the bad influences in the city. With her parents’ guidance, she hopes to safely guide her son through puberty and his first volatile transition from boy to beast. 

An animal instinct…

Grizzly shifter Stuart Watson wasn’t looking for love while campaigning for reelection as county sheriff. However, there was no denying he’d met his match after his first encounter with Lila. The feisty brunette is everything he ever wanted in a woman. All he has to do is convince his reluctant mate and her rebellious son to give him a chance to prove his worth.

A love worth risking it all…

Before Stuart can stake his claim, Lila’s life is endangered by the person she loves most. He races to rescue his mate, determined to save the day and safeguard their future.


ANOTHER FREAKING OUTSTANDING READ IN MARLIE MONROE'S PLEASANT VALLEY SHIFTER SERIES! Bear Commitment is the second installment in Miss Monroe's Shifter Series and is amazingly good. The story runs smoothly and Stuart and Lila are combustible together. Their passion is fiery and SO. DANG. HOT. I loved how intense and patient and wonderful Stuart is. Lila is perfectly saucy and feisty. These two made the perfect couple!

I am excited to see what else Miss Monroe will bring to us in future stories. This series is one of my top favorite new series. I love everything about this story. The characters, the sizzling romance, and the mild suspense and action keeps me on the edge and eager for more. 

SIZZLING FIVE SHOOTING STARS is what I give Bear Commitment. Its one of those books with a sexy cover, exciting blurb, and fantastic plot! Keep them coming Miss Monroe...keep them coming! 

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