Saturday, February 13, 2016

ARC Review - The Layover by Silke Ming!


[Siren Classic Romance, HEA]
Alex Ponsonby walks onto a Singapore-bound flight and is immediately smitten by the blonde stewardess, Zola Kemper, who is the most junior of the crew. Ignored by the more senior crew members, she is ecstatic when the handsome Alex offers to show her around Singapore. A strange turn of events starting with a snow storm in Vancouver extends her time in Singapore from five to twelve days, allowing a relationship between the two to burst into bloom.
When he takes her to his office Christmas party, she meets his boss and former best friend Garrett Evans. To settle their differences, Garrett issues Alex an indecent proposal—one night with Zola and all is forgotten. But Alex has fallen in love with Zola. Can their relationship survive this pitfall?


Exciting, sexy, erotica at its best with the sweet romance I crave. Silke Ming did it again, this time in her book, The Layover. I enjoy reading these types of romances because I am amazed at the quality of eroticism that I find in one of Silk Mings books. I never imagined before, that I would find these hot, but thanks to Miss Ming, I not only find them extremely H-O-T but wickedly delicious! 

Zola and Alex are amazing characters with wonderful personalities and wicked thoughts that fit each other to perfection. The plot fit the story too! It drew me in and had me eagerly turning the page. Truly exciting in more then one way. *Wink* 

The Layover gets a DIRTY, WICKED FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its one of the most erotic books so far of 2016! A. MUST. READ. BOOK.  

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  1. Oooo, great review and I love the cover! I'll be checking this one out for sure ;-)