Tuesday, February 9, 2016

ARC Review - Her Adoring SEAL by Caitlyn O'Leary!


Beth Hildago feels shattered after the time she spent in the hands of the Mexican drug cartel. Now her life is on the line as corrupt authorities try to hunt her down. 

Jack Preston is a decorated Navy SEAL who’s family’s Texas Ranch is the perfect place for Beth to hide. 

When Beth’s cover is blown, she is once again forced to run. This time Jack is not going to leave her side. But what happens when there is an enemy no one ever expected? Can he keep her safe? 


Her Adoring SEAL is riveting, sweet, passionate with splashes of suspense. The Midnight Delta Series is an absolutely addicting series with the VERY BEST kind of heroes and intelligent, sweet heroines. The writing is well, magnificent. At least to me it is. I enjoy a story that has me sighing in pleasure and biting my nails with the suspense. Even though I wouldn't say this story was erotic, the sweet, patient love-making that we see is just as engrossing and fits this storyline perfectly. Plus, its the kind of love-making that will have tears swimming in your eyes. Its beautiful, kind, and oh so enchanting. I want my VERY own Midnight SEAL!

I am impressed with the way Caitlyn O'Leary writes these SEAL books! I can't seem to get enough and want MORE like yesterday. She writes these stories that will guarantee readers will love them and keep them hooked on the characters and stories. She is an AMAZING author! The characters in this particular story are my favorites so far! Beth is an extraordinary woman with a past that left her emotionally scared of men. Jack is the one man who understands her and cares for her in a way that leaves us readers awed and wishing for our own 'Jack'.  Jack and Beth together fit perfectly. I LOVED THEM! 

Her Adoring SEAL gets a SWEET AND SIGH-WORTHY FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I am eagerly awaiting the next book and hope Miss Caitlyn doesn't keep us waiting for long. This book is going on the top of the list baby! 

Pre-order your copy today!

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