Monday, March 7, 2016

ARC Review - A Wolf's Contract (Black Hills Wolves #43) by TL Reeve!


A Contract gone wrong. 

Kru Hawthorne left home years ago. Unable to watch the abuse his sister suffered at the hands of Magnum and his cronies, Kru hit the road. Chased by the demons of his past, he drifts for years before making a home in the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Gabby Salvador, sister to Craven Salvador, President of the Vipers motorcycle club, watched her brother take his last breath. When the devastatingly handsome Kru arrives moments later, she knows something isn't right. Sticking to the shadows, she follows him to Rapid City, South Dakota, and finds something she never expected. 

One text that changes everything. 

Kru and Gabby's lives collide through a text and an attempt on Gabby's life. Together they'll have to figure out who put the hit on Craven and why they want Gabby as well. But, with the full moon, Gabby will be faced with an even bigger decision. Trust the man who isn't what he claims to be and take the protection he offers, or hit the road and pray she's never found. 


A Wolf's Contract is my new favorite book in TL Reeve's Black Hills Wolves series. The sexy assassin, Kru has that dangerous vibe that both frightens me and yet, attracted me to him. He is pure bad-ass but when it comes to Gabby, his need to protect and cherish her is breathtaking. And god, what a kick-ass heroine she turned out to be! I loved her from the moment I met her and together with Kru, we get that sizzle that I crave. 

This story has a slight dark undertone that is full of action and suspense. Combined with that sizzling romance and hotter than Hell sex, it left me in awe and eager for another taste! And of course I just LOOOOOVE how Miss Reeve has written her Paranormal Romances. They are an obsession I crave. I love how it blends with the romance. She creates a world that is magical, slightly dangerous, and full of life. 

A Wolf's Contract gets a DIE-HARD FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I loved the characters, the action, the romance....EVERYTHING! Kru is my new favorite Book Boyfriend. I HIGHLY recommend this series to paranormal romance readers looking for something fresh, edgy, and addicting. 

This book will be released by March 11th! Pre-order your copy today.


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