Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Review - Fashionably Hotter Than Hell by Robyn Peterman!


What does a Vampyre do when the woman he’s chased for two hundred years is still trying to get away? He plays dirty.
Welcome to my own personal Hell.
Where life is steamy and the sex is sizzling.
Damn it, I thought the chase was difficult…keeping the girl alive might prove to be my undoing. 


Yet, another fantastic, foul, fun-filled story in Robyn Peterman's wildly outrageous Hot Damned Series! In Fashionably Hotter Than Hell, we get Heathcliff's and Raquel's story. These two are seriously fun and entertaining characters and had me laughing and sighing with utter bliss. I loved how volatile they were to each other, as they both tried to keep the other away. But once they finally admit to one another that they are mates, things take a turn for the AWESOME! Not only do we get some sizzling, wild love scenes, but we get some problems that they need to solve with the help from all our favorite characters! Astrid, Ethan, and of course, Satan! Laugh your pants off fun follows as well as surprises that will have you groaning and moaning...or that could of been just me! *Wink*

I can never seem to get enough of this series. And FHTH is one of those romances that had me double over laughing and sighing with contentment. The romance is electrifying and the sex is, well, hotter than Hell. Raquel and Heathcliff are explosive together! They fit perfectly and when they rile each other up, and the teeth-grinding commences and the good times roll! I can't help but to love this book.

Fashionably Hotter Than Hell gets an OUTRAGEOUSLY FINE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its a story so crazy fun and sassy, you just don't want to miss it. Robyn Peterman will delight and give you a one Hell of a good time!

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