Thursday, March 24, 2016

Netgalley ARC Review - Risk of Exposure by Emmy Curtis!


He is a trained professional—but nothing can prepare him for the hottest mission of his life. Assigned to protect his boss’s daughter, British former SAS operative Malone Garrett breaks the first rule of covert surveillance—don’t make contact. And especially don’t take your mark out to dinner, then agree to a rooftop quickie. But now that Mal has Abby in his arms, he has no intention of ever letting her go.
Abby Baston told herself it was a hit and quit, a one-nighter with a hot, handsome stranger whose hands were trained to take action. Working undercover for the CIA, she can’t risk anything more. But when an international crisis ignites, Abby must make a call: trust Mal with her secret—and her heart—and partner up, or lose everything in a split second . . . 


A suspenseful story with high-octane romance and lots of thrills! Malone is full alpha male: Gorgeous, take-charge, and sinful while Abby is sweet, kind, and full of spirit. Risk of Exposure puts SEALS as the number one sexiest military men out there. 

Emmy Curtis wrote a story with danger, sizzling romance, spicy sex, and lots of action. I loved not knowing where the story was going to take me from one chapter to the next. A thoroughly lip-biting read!

Risk Of Exposure gets a DANGEROUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Addicting, sexy, and action-packed, Emmy Curtis doesn't disappoint!

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