Tuesday, April 29, 2014

ARC Review of Laird's Submissive by Dace Everan

Layle Evans is bound, gagged, and blindfolded. As a newbie this is beyond her comfort level. Laird, owner of a BDSM club, steps in and saves Layle from obvious distress. Laird's inner Dom demands that he take care of the little sub. Bad memories from Layle’s past come to surface. Being gang raped by fellow comrades haunts her. Layle needs to face her fears and Laird wants to help her. 
Laird Roan never, ever, under any circumstances messes with the subs in his establishment. Especially not ones that have no interest in his kink. Why does the sensual Layle have a pull on him? Is it her determination to push herself and her limits? Or is it that her number one "No" is his kink? Can Laird and Layle find a compromise? Can they find the love that is pulling them together?

 Even though Laird's Submissive was a short read, it is still packed full of  HOTNESS! I really enjoyed Laird. Other then the fact he was downright dreamy looking, he was incredibly smart, patient, kind, and caring. I liked the fact he wanted to heal and love Layle.
Layle was a very great character. I felt awful about what happened to her. I can't imagine the trauma and pain she went through as she was brutally gang raped and almost killed. But I did like the fact that she trusted Laird. I know with certain things (like when dealing with the masks) she had a hard time dealing with them, but it showed true respect and love when Laird realized he might of pushed her a little too far. He still remained with her and continued to work with her on her fears.
I also enjoyed that Laird's Submissive wasn't creepy in the BDSM department. In other words I didn't feel like there was things being done in the book that I wouldn't do. I was comfortable reading the BDSM scenes and was amazed at how well thought out everything seemed to be and how sensual the BDSM play was.
I felt that Laird's Submissive deserved a full FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! It really is a sexy, well written book with endearing characters and a nice storyline.
This book ROCKED by Dace Everan! If you haven't picked up this book, do so..like NOW!

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