Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Review of Seducing the Huntress by Mel Tescho


Book 3 in the Nightmix series.

She wants to kill him. He wants to possess her body and give her ultimate pleasure.

Isabella suffered an unimaginable loss at the teeth and claws of a vicious nightmix. She grew up wanting nothing more than to hunt and kill every last shape-shifting black panther in the kingdom.
What she doesn’t expect is to go from hunter to hunted. Never expects to be captured by the nightmix monster, Reuben, and taken to his cabin, where he plays her body like a finely tuned instrument. Their erotic connection is explosive, but Reuben is the enemy.

Or is he…


Seducing the Huntress is a dark, erotic world of the Nightmix, beings that can shift into black panthers. It is erotically delicious with plenty of emotion that left me quite content.
There is nothing better then a story of a Knight in shining armor who rescues the damsel, even if that damsel wants to kill him. When Isabella is injured from chasing Reuben in his panther form, he takes her to his cabin and treats her wounds and keeps her safe until his return to being a prince.
Isabella never expects to have her reasons of hating ALL Nightmix put to the test until gorgeous Reuben makes her question everything. 
I really liked this story. I found it dark, intriguing, addicting, and sensual. My only complaint is, I wish it was MUCH longer. FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS is what I give this beautifully written story. I think if the story could be a full blown novel, this baby can easily be a FIVE in my book.

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