Monday, March 31, 2014

Review of Fashionably Dead Down Under by Robyn Peterman


Welcome to Hell. 
The Hell where the Prince of Darkness is hotter than Hades, Hell Hounds smell like brownies and the Seven Deadly Sins are addicted to Facebook…Not to mention the soundtrack in the Underworld is Journey. For real. 

I should have known no good could come from offing my parents in the space of twenty minutes no matter how psychotic and evil they were… 

Now I find out my family tree includes almost every deity and mythological being alive while Ethan, the one and only love of my undead life has a limited time down under before he turns to dust. In the land of Sin, you’d think I’d get some nookie time with my man, but no. Baby Demons, cousins and grandparents put the kibosh on that. Blue balls are the new normal. What the hell does a half-Vampyre Half-Demon have to do to catch a break? 

Apparently find a freakin’ sword, calm Mother Nature’s unmedicated mood swings and make sure Mister Rogers keeps his sticky fingers to himself during weekly poker with the Devil. 

And I have three days to do it. 

By all that’s unholy, I thought Ethan’s Vampyre family was crazy…Trust me, they have nothing on the Demons. 


Fashionably Dead Down Under is so FREAKING AWESOME that it left me in a pile of contented goo, smiling and still laughing over the funny situations Ethan and Astrid got into while they were in Hell. There was so many surprises and unforgettable moments that I am sure this book will be my #1 for a LONG time!
So Fashionably Dead Down Under leaves off where Astrid is dragged to hell, and is worried she will be in BIG trouble for killing the King of Hell, her father, only to find out that her daddy was NOT the big cheese but the BROTHER of Satan. And that Satan is her uncle! FOR REAL! Oh and that the Seven Deadly Sins are her cousins. 
I read along as Astrid finds herself...a guest of the underworld and she desperately wants to get back to her mate, Ethan. Only to find out Ethan is in Hell as well and has only a limited time to be there before he turns to dust. Lucky for Astrid she knows a few people that can help with that problem. 
Ethan is so freaking gorgeous, and downright possessive and protective of his beautiful, powerful mate. Heck, that is why he is down in Hell to begin with. Gosh, I totally love a vampire, that takes protecting his mate seriously, plus he sure knows how to seduce his mate.
In FDDU we get to meet some new characters, and learn a lot of new things about Astrid and why she is so stinking powerful. I LOVE the fact that I never knew what to expect in the book. Ms. Peterman made sure to add a TON of surprises where you least expected and it kept me entertained and charmed till the very end. I gave Fashionably Dead Down Under a FANTASTIC FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Heck, it deserves a TEN! This book was a fun, outrageously hilarious, sexy read that will keep you guessing, and laughing till the very last page.

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