Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Review of Captured by the Pirate Laird by Amy Jarecki


Wed by proxy to a baron old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Anne trudges up the gangway of a galleon that will deliver her into the arms of a tyrant. Crestfallen, she believes her disastrous life cannot get worse—until she awakes to the blasts of cannon fire. 

Facing certain death, Anne trembles in her stateroom while swords clash and the chilling screams of battle rage on the deck above. When a rugged Highlander kicks in her door, she prays for a swift end. 

But Laird Calum MacLeod has a reason for plundering the ship—and it’s not a stunning English lass. With no other choice, he takes Anne to his crumbling keep on the isle of Raasay and sends a letter of ransom to her husband. In time, Anne grows to understand MacLeod’s plight and finds it increasingly difficult to resist Calum’s unsettling charm—until the baron sends a reply agreeing to terms. 

Ripped from passion that will be forever seared into their souls, will Anne and Calum risk everything for love? 

Lately, I haven't read much historical romance because most of them seemed, lacking some how. With Captured by the Pirate Laird I was inspired once more with the magic of historical romance. I really was captivated with this story. I love Scots men and Calum was probably the finest Laird I read about. One who was more of a gentleman than a true captor. I found him to be calm, gentle, patient, and he never once threatened his captive, Anne, like I would of expected, especially since in most historical romances that involved a captor and captive usually the captor threatens the lady captive at least once, even if they never plan on following through and am using a threat just to make the captive behave. So this was a very nice change and quite an endearing one at that.
Lady Anne is another unique captive. She was always helping out. Whether it was mending wounds, helping with inventory or just being a kind and compassionate person when it came to Laird Calum's people. In previous historical romances, I found the English Lady to be rude at first and sometimes a bit selfish, but in Captured by the Pirate Laird, the heroine was a worthy person and incredibly beautiful, inside and out. 
This is a well written story with lots of gentle romance, historical input to the time period, and a fresh change of pace when it comes to pirates and Scots, and captors and captives. I thoroughly enjoyed this romance and I hope to read more historical delights by Amy Jarecki. With all that said, it is no wonder I went ahead and rated this book a FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! I definitely needed to read this and am so glad I did and enjoyed it. I am now officially hooked on the historical romance genre, thank you Captured by the Pirate Laird! 

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