Monday, March 10, 2014

Review of Love, Lex by Avery Aster

This summer I, Lex Easton, had planned to celebrate my eighteenth birthday in Europe with my fellow Manhattanites, Taddy Brill, Blake Morgan, and Vive Farnworth—until I’d caught my boyfriend screwing my mother. According to the police report, this vomit inducing incident happened around the same time I’d supposedly blown-up Mom’s penthouse. Like I’m walking around Soho with a stick of dynamite in my Louis Vuitton purse? Not! Now my besties and I are in jail.

Officer Ford Gotti, the Harley-wheelin’ biker cop who arrested us keeps sticking his perfectly sculpted nose into my case. His inked body is jacked like a superhero and he says I can trust him. He wants me to fess up. I won’t. Not again. Why should I? My friends and I had a previous stint in juvie that nearly destroyed us. I gotta protect them and keep my mouth shut. Right?—Lex Easton, Avon Porter Academy, Class of 2002.
Since I have read two books by Avery Aster, Undressed and Unscrupulous and enjoyed both, I knew I could NOT turn down an opportunity to read and review Love, Lex. When I first was gifted with this beautiful box set, I first had to take a few moments to admire this yummy cover before flying to Avery Aster's story, Love, Lex.
I found this story to be funny with plenty of snark, and with a GORGEOUS biker cop being involved, this just made it absolutely DELIC!
I can't say I was fond of the whole drug use in the book, but since it contained a LOT of humor and a smokin' hot cop, I have to say it was easy to overlook the whole drug use there wasn't an over abundance of it in the book which definitely helped.
I really liked Lex. She is curvy, spirited, amusing, and just has such a strong loyalty to her friends and people she cares about. Now with sexy Officer Gotti, he was just the perfect male specimen. Sexy, charming, concerned, and dominating..*sigh* like I said, PERFECT.
Lex and her friends reminded me of a mix between rich gang members and teenage Kardashians. They stick together and I totally dig that. I did NOT like how some of the people in the book considered Lex to be fat..WHAT?! I thought she was GORGEOUS just the way she was.
I give Love, Lex a FOUR AND A HALF STARS OUT OF FIVE because of its humor, sexiness, panty melting sex, and one drool worthy cop. I can sum this book up in one word...YUM! If your looking for a laugh out loud, sexy read then I suggest you pick up this incredible box set and read Love, with many other fantastic books and one low price, you definitely can't go wrong.

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  1. Thank you Marie for such a great review! xo, Avery