Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review of Inferno by AK Kinley

Lucas Wentworth has accepted loneliness as a way of life until he meets Dylan Raines. While Dylan is estranged from his family, Lucas offers his home and friendship as a temporary solution. Reading Dylan's journal entry, though, prompts Lucas to invite him into his bed and into what he calls a passionate inferno. When Lucas's twin Mark realizes that his sibling has a taste for male affection, he kidnaps Dylan. Lucas knows that Malvern, Arkansas, has its prejudices, as Mark's hate-filled slurs fuel his rage.

In an effort to return Dylan to their passionate inferno, Lucas assembles an arsenal of weapons and money. Once he locates Dylan, Lucas discovers that his brother has kidnapped before. His partner has now developed a relationship with Whisman Cash. As Lucas fights his own attraction to Whisman, he formulates a plan to rescue both men. While he never expected two relationships, Lucas ultimately wants the trio to become one.

This is the first book by Anita Kinley (aka AK Kinley) I read so far, but I can assure you it will NOT be my last. This is a MM story that was incredibly sensual and sexy as all get out. I really enjoyed this short story and I am really excited about reading more MM stories by this talented author.
Inferno is about a older man falling in love with a younger man. Lucas took Dylan in after finding him living in his car after Dylan was kicked out by his grandmother for being gay. Lucas also happens to be Dylan's sports coach. Dylan is a sweet, strong, sexy man who straight after getting invited to stay with his coach, he confesses his feelings and throws his journal at Lucas to prove it. When Dylan stalks off, Lucas reads a page from his journal and he finally realizes he can now take all his fantasies about Dylan and make them true.
Just as things look up for both Dylan and Lucas, Lucas's twin brother, Mark, a hater of gays, kidnaps Dylan and another young gay man, Whisman. Things get dangerous fast after that, and intense as Dylan starts to fall for Whisman too. Soon Lucas comes to the rescue and then Dylan's and Lucas's two way, soon become a three-way Inferno.
This story was so scrumptious. The only thing that made me a little leery was the fact that Whisman seemed much more of a..well a baby then anything. It however, didn't take away fully from the story. Inferno was still a hot little number and that's why I give it a burning FOUR OUT OF FOUR STARS.


  1. Thank you, Marie, for taking the time to review my book.

  2. It was quite enjoyable! Looking forward to checking out your other books. :)