Tuesday, April 15, 2014

ARC Review of Pieces by Janine Infante Bosco

Jake Lanza is one of Riverdale New York’s favorite sons. He owns a tattoo parlor in the small upstate town and prides himself on being a fun-loving, live by the seat of your pants type of guy. He has everything he wants in life, a thriving business, a great family and a best friend with whom he could never live without.

Cara Sloane weaved her way into Jake’s life when they were fifteen years old. After her life fell apart at such a young age, Jake helped her heal, and began to pick up the pieces of her fallen life. His unconventional ways slowly had him becoming the anchor in her life.

Now fourteen years later Jake begins to see Cara in a new light. The things he thought he never wanted, he suddenly began to yearn for. The only problem was they were both too frightened to lose the greatest love either of them has ever known. Can Jake convince Cara there is more for them than just a friendship? Is he willing to take that gamble himself?
This was a very well written contemporary romance. I really enjoyed the fact that Cara and Jake were best friends that became lovers. I think these two knowing so much about each other for so long just made things that much better as they went from being best friends, to being a couple too. They were perfect together and just so sweet. Heck I wish I could just hop inside the book and take their picture because I can see clearly that they would look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G together.
This story fell together so nicely. I was pleasantly surprised how much I actually liked it. At first I thought maybe it would be really boring and just..I don't know, blah, but it WASN'T! It was catchy, sweet, sexy, romantic, and just plain interesting. I am looking forward to the next book eagerly.
Jake and Cara looked super good together at the race track. I enjoyed reading how much Cara enjoyed Jake kissing her. I could practically feel the heat coming off the pages as I read. WOW! I was however a bit scared along with Cara when Jake started having issues after doing is stunt on his motorcycle. But it kind of makes things worse when it has been happening a LOT for Jake throughout the book, but I think it added to the story because the whole time I'm reading it I keep thinking, "what's wrong with him?" then I would bite my lip nervously. I usually don't get that into a story but when I do, I know it is a spectacular book.
Well before I give the WHOLE book away I better stop while I'm ahead.
Rating this book was simple. I gave this glorious piece of work a FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its an engrossing read that I HIGHLY recommend.

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