Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ARC Review of Cursed Desires by C.E. Black


Kara and Gabe had been happily married for seven
years. They'd had their ups and downs, but nothing could have prepared them for what
happened after a weekend getaway, and a fun tour of one of the oldest
cemeteries in Charleston.

When Kara told Gabe she believed their house was
haunted, he knew there had to be a reasonable explanation, but he'd never been
so wrong. Something or someone had followed them home, and once their
mysterious ghost revealed himself, things really got interesting.

Who knew curses could be real? 


Cursed Desires? What a truly sinfully accurate title for this story by C.E. Black. I couldn't believe how wonderful and awe-inspiring this romance was. I LOVED the opening of the book. Its not often an author can start with a wickedly hot sex scene and make the story come alive even more after that, but I have to give credit to Miss Black because she pulled it off beautifully! I found Cursed Desires to be intense in the best way with a romance that was both astounding and sexy and the ghostly encounters to be just the icing on this perfect cake. There was a smidgen of mystery which I thought was really cool to behold, and the sex was no doubt, some of the best I have read in romance books.

Kara and Gabe are just a fun couple who are still in love with each other even after several years together. When we added the ghost to the mix, it just heated things up more and made this book a unique romance with some paranormal activity thrown in the mix. I loved the different contrasts and the writing style fits the book. I can't imagine having a single thing change in Cursed Desires nor do I wish anything was different..well except maybe to have it longer. *Grins* 

I give this romance an AMAZING FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its intense, sexy, steamy, with a little bit of menage thrown in to make things interesting, and its perfectly written. I am SO glad I read this book and hope you give it a whirl too.

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