Sunday, July 27, 2014

ARC Review of Risque Reunion by Rayne Bexley, Aurora Black , Harper Jewel, Oliver Lixx, Ava Snow , and Cleo Taurus


When four long-time friends, former college roommates who went their separate ways after graduation, decide that texts, phone calls, and weekly Skype conversations are no longer enough, they all agree a weekend get-together is in order. An invitation by the only married one in their quartet is extended, and the plans begin. As the women prepare for their no-holds barred visit to the O’Connell home, each one recalls their sexual fantasies with the group—some realized, some not, some that just barely touched the edge of the erotic vision. Even the lone male in the group recalls his prior interaction with the three soon-to-be-arriving guests. With anticipation and arousals ignited, they are all looking forward to their Risqué Reunion. But none of them are prepared for the O’Connell’s nosy neighbor. Will the voyeur next door ruin all their fun, or will they find a way to make the weekend better than any of them ever expected?


Risque Reunion is some seriously sexy, dirty fun! I LOVED these friends. Each one had a great memory and every single one has some wickedly HOT fantasies. I enjoyed reading about them and when they get together, things REALLY get interesting.

It becomes even more awesome when they decided to add another person into the mix. I have to say also that this cover says it ALL. I like the sexy gray and black look with the blue lettering of the title and the five people in each window. Risque Reunion is the absolute PERFECT title for such a fun, erotic read. 

I don't dare say anything else about the story other then it was well-written and had a good strong storyline. I give this erotica a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! My only real complaint is I wish it was a longer story...but then again I always feel that way with a GOOD book *wink*. So if you enjoy your erotica and am looking for something new, then I suggest you pick up this sexy book and sit back and enjoy the ride.

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