Sunday, July 6, 2014

ARC Review of Lara's Last Journey by Mya Larose


There are some loves that are too strong to derail or escape from. Being a passionate, independent woman is something to be proud of…unless you are alone at night and your dreams are haunted.
Lara Dunups always felt like she was born in the wrong era. Her dreams were constantly haunted by the same man from the past. During a short drive, she feels dizzy and slips into darkness, only to wake up in a bedroom in the year 1521.
Pasha Suleyman is the third son of Sultan Hasan I in the Ottoman Empire. A man devoted to serve and protect his father, his heart secretly yearns for the woman who monopolizes his dreams. Until one evening, when he closes his eyes and makes a wish.
Can a woman from the future make it in this newfound era? And can Suleyman protect his beloved from his foe? Be careful what you wish for…

I liked this book a WHOLE lot! Lara's Last Journey was an awesome romance with a lot of surprises, sensuality, interesting characters, and details that were pretty amazing.
Lara's Last Journey is the second book in Mya Larose's One More Time Series. I ABSOLUTELY loved the time-travel twist in this and wasn't completely expecting it which just made it that much better for me. I liked both Suleyman and Lara and thought they completely complimented each other very well. Sulleyman is sexy, dark, caring, and sensual, while Lara is fiery, kind, sassy, and just a VERY like-able heroine.
The fact that both characters were haunting each other dreams way before they ever met was something I found downright fascinating and sexy as hell. I think Lara's Last Journey was truly well written and think Mya Larose did such a great job with the second book in her One More Time Series. The only complaint I really have is I wish it was longer. Other then that this book was engrossing, and sexy. The romance is strong and the sex passionate and the heat level is scorching! I give this a FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS. Its an enchanting romance with lots of things to love about it. A definite page turner.

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