Wednesday, July 30, 2014

ARC Review of Lania's Pet by Dace Everan


Years, Lania has taken Cal’s needs into her hands. Taken them, controlled them, and marveled in the way he has so obediently submitted to her. Years she has craved to have what he has, the trust to submit. A bad decision made by her stupid youthful self made sure that any trust in a master was something she would never experience. Can Cal convince Lania he is worthy of her trust? That he can take her to that splendid pace she has taken him so many times. Lania’s past has caught up to her and Cal will do anything to make sure she is safe. Little does he realize that not only is Lania a splendid Mistress, but she can take care of herself just as well. Cal needs to provide for his Mistress her deepest need. Submitting. Lania must turn to Cal for something she has lost. Trust. Can Lania trust in her pet? 


This is the first erotic romance with BDSM that had a Domme in it as the lead character, that I wanted to actually read. Usually I prefer reading about Doms and their female submissives, but I can honestly say this was quite tempting. I was absolutely amazed with how HOT and seductive reading about a Domme and her male submissive. It was so different and even more delicious then Dace Everan's previous Soldiers of Passion books.  

I LOVED seeing Cal, who is a VERY strong, muscular man, submitting to a woman who was small and gorgeous. It was also VERY sexy as Cal turns the tables and masters Lania. 

It wasn't easy to top Lania either because her past was brutal and left her emotionally scarred. But when Cal notices her looking with envy at the other submissives who have Doms that they can trust, she wishes she could have that too. Cal sees this and wants to give his Mistress ANYTHING and EVERYTHING including the very thing she is wants but is terrified of, her submission to a man.

Lania's Pet was an emotional, sexy erotic romance that left me completely turned on, sad, happy, and satisfied. I think this story is my FAVORITE so far in Dace's Soldiers of Passion Series. The sex was intense, and incredibly dirty in the BEST way! I give this book a FULL FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its truly incredible  and I LOVED it ever so much! If you haven't read this book then I suggest you pick this up, especially if you crave BDSM like I do. 

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