Saturday, August 2, 2014

ARC Review of The Witchling Grows Up (Family Pendragon 1) by Mary Moriarty


Dylan Pendragon is not what she appears to be. She looks like a twenty something, hippy, new-age follower… When in fact she is a ninety year old witchling from one of the oldest families connected with witch craft.
She has yet to get any powers so to speak. But she is destined to be the most powerful witch of them all…
And she is a virgin.
Justice is a seven thousand years old Vampire. He is the oldest friend to his former king of their kind, Cormac O’ Heachthanna. There are three things that vampires love. Blood, fighting and sex and not necessarily in that order. Justice lost his wife about six thousand years ago so he has devoted his life to keeping man kind safe… and he has had no sex in that many years.
The Dark One has one thing on his mind. Capture Dylan Pendragon and take what he thinks is his… her virginity and her power which will blossom like a rose once she is taken. He will do anything to get her and that power or die trying.
In the course of one night under a full moon two become connected and set into motion events that can’t be stopped that will ultimately bring victory for some or one and the rest will be cast into a void less underworld.
Can Justice show Dylan he wants to protect her without touching her? Will he listen to his heart where love that has been dormant for so long is waiting to be released.
Will Dylan allow Justice to protect her so she can figure out how to get her powers and be strong enough to fight the Dark One? Or will she fall and be the sacrifice that the Dark One intends her to be.  


Let me tell you all first thing how much I like this cover. I think its one of the prettiest I have seen. It has those really pretty blue colors (Blue is my favorite color btw) and the pretty girl who looks like she is holding a blue flame just adds more character to the cover. I also like the title and think it fits the story to perfection.

In The Witchling Grows Up we read about the Pendragon family and how very powerful they are. We begin with how Dylan first came to be. We get to meet her great grandparents and see how Dylan got to be noticed by Justice from the start.

I just LOVED how wonderful and unique of a story this was. We get to see powerful families, dark, sexy vampires, familiars, dragons. Oh yea, a whole lot of my favorite things! I got to see some light humor, plenty of action, a well written story filled with how the witches and vampires came to be and we get lots of great background on them. It also shows glimpses on how this story will continue for Mary Moriarty's new Family Pendragon Series. 

I was completely enthralled with The Witchling Grows Up and know from this first book, that the next one will be even better and I am looking forward to finding out what else Miss Moriarty has in store for us readers. I give this a lovely FOUR OUT OF FIVE STARS! If your into colorful, unique, imaginative stories featuring witches, dragons, vampires and many other wonderful things, then I suggest you read The Witchling Grows Up and see how it all began.


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