Monday, August 18, 2014

ARC Review for Taming Chaos by Lynne St. James


In book one of Raining Chaos: From foster care to the Garden, Raining Chaos makes their debut. They learn fame and fortune comes with a price; it's all in how you deal with it that makes the journey worthwhile. 
Chaos is told by the record company that what got them to the top is no longer cutting it so they’re sending a songwriter. Yeah, that goes over well…not…until she shows up. Their chemistry is off the charts, however, for a commitment phobia guy, does Chaos really want to take the chance with his and the band's future. 
Cynda makes a promise and fulfilling it could cost her more than she ever expected. Rock stars can't be trusted, she knows, she lived with it all her life. When she shows up to meet the band, it all changes when she’s drawn to everything she vowed would never be in her future. But as Cynda feels the pull toward Chaos and joins them on the road, she realizes the cost of loving a rock star is huge. A simple job and promise will change her life, now she needs to figure out whether it would be for better or worse. 
Jump on the bus as Raining Chaos sets out on their tour and join them to see if making music soothes the soul or breaks the heart. 


Holy rocking HOTNESS! Taming Chaos was one crazy, fun, passionate filled ride. I LOVED this book! This is book one in Lynne St. James's new series, Raining Chaos and is just one of the BEST book I have read in months. Its completely different then Miss James's Anamchara Series. Instead of Shifters we get sexy rockstars and feisty songwriters. I absolutely LOVED the differences and thought it was completely amazing to see into the lifestyle of a rock band.

Chaos is a hard-headed sexy Rock God who thinks he doesn't need a songwriter for his band. He thinks his music is great and so does Cynda. But she was hired to do a job, and do the job she will! Cynda is beautiful, sweet, has a spine of steel and when Chaos gives her hell, she gives it right back.

I really enjoyed the fact that this band doesn't do drugs and everything was so well-written and was a delight to read. Lynne St. James created a masterpiece with Taming Chaos and I see this book rising to the top...maybe even right next to Kylie Scott's Stage Dive Series! I liked seeing both Chaos's and Cynda's POVs and thought this was a completely satisfying read. Sparks don't just fly, they flare up so fast, it quickly becomes an inferno. The passion is strong, the sex dirty and smoking HOT, and this has the PERFECT amount of romance and edge you expect in any good romance. I liked seeing the ups and downs of being a rock band and it was nice knowing that everything isn't always peaches and cream just because your rich and famous.

This book deserves a FULL FIVE OUT OF FIVE STARS! Its truly a work of art. From the cover, to the title, to the story itself. It will capture your attention and keep you glued to your ereader till the very last page. So go ahead. Take a chance on Taming Chaos and see if you will fall in love with Chaos and his crazy, fun band. I can't WAIT for book 2!

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