Sunday, August 3, 2014

ARC Review of Unexpectedly Yours by Michelle Roth


Elle Thomas has had a crush on Jim Conroy for months now. Among their small circle of friends, they're the only two single people left. It makes sense that he might gravitate toward her at social events, and maybe even flirt a little bit, right?  Elle can't help but want more, though.
Jim may be going insane. He's been chasing Elle for months. He's flirted with her, asked her out, and done everything else he could think of to get her attention short of skywriting his feelings. When Elle finally agrees to go out with him, things quickly heat up between them.
What starts out as a single spark of attraction between them quickly burns out of control. As they settle into the beginnings of a relationship, one moment will change their lives forever. Is their relationship strong enough to survive when reality sets in?


Unexpectedly Yours was pleasantly pleasing.  This is a story about a group of friends that have all paired off, except two, Elle Thomas and Jim Conroy. The one thing I found amusing was both Elle and Jim had a crush on each other for years, but neither seems to realize the others feelings right away.

Things quickly change though and when these two finally hook up, sparks fly, and passion soars! I really like both Elle and Jim. Elle is  sweet, sassy, perfectly curvy and has a thing for gorgeous Jim. Jim is determined, kind, a bit possessive and has a nicely toned body. YUM! 

Michelle Roth put together a combination of light humor, passionate sex, and heated romance that set my senses soaring. Roth also made sure to add the right amount of  difficulty to the relationship to make things interesting and kept the book at a steady pace. Unexpectedly Yours is written well, with some surprises that kept me entertained till the end.

FOUR AND A HALF OUT OF FIVE STARS is what I give this delicious romance! It really is a captivating romance with lots to love including one sexy cover. Come and give Michelle Roth's Unexpectedly Yours a try and see what has readers wanting more.

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