Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ARC Review of Succumbing To The Horse Whisperer by Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton


From around the world they come, mainly girls and women, in their thousands. Forsaking boyfriends, husbands, brothers and fathers, they flock to the horse whisperer wherever he appears, for he offers them what their own men cannot. Courting controversy wherever he ventures, Garth Brandenburg, the tall, blonde, handsome horse god proclaims a new gospel of personal salvation, one that is so insightful and powerful, that it will enable his followers to stand the test of the horse, that icon of human endeavor which has inspired and borne the greatest civilizations in their peace, wars and arts. 

Into the horse whisperer’s domain enters a young woman, whose extraordinary beauty is only matched by her insistence on justice and equality in her relations with men. Siobhan Worthington wants what the blonde horse god is offering, salvation for her and her horse. Falling in love with him though, is something she has not bargained on. Trust me, he demands, utterly and completely for only then can I show you the way forward. Yet if she trusts him so absolutely, will she not be acknowledging his dominance? And if she succumbs to his dominance, what chance will their love have?


Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer is a different yet sultry kind of romance that will no doubt leave readers content and pleasantly surprised with this new author, Phoenix Aphrodite Hazelton.

The characters are interesting, compelling, and some even feel like they could be good friends. Miss Hazelton created a story that has character, depth, and has way more oomph than the average romanceGarth is handsome, charming, and has tons of followers. Siobhan is beyond beautiful, smart, stubborn and believes to the fullest. When these two meet, passion starts to simmer, romance begins to bloom, and trust soon follows. 

This story contains the kind of hot kink romance readers enjoy. The only real issue I had was I felt that everything was maybe too drawn out and in some areas of the book it was a bit hard to follow and I just wish there was more fiery sparks between Garth and Siobhan instead of the low simmer I seemed to have gotten with them.  I give Succumbing to the Horse Whisperer a THREE OUT OF FIVE STARS. For this being a first novel for Miss Hazelton, I feel like she is on the right path to becoming a well known author with her unique style of writing, and her use of HOT kinky sex that will have readers flocking for more. 

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