Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Berserker's Rage (SmokeJumpers Book2) by Elle Boon ARC Review!



Hal Aldridge has always hidden his other half, but when he saves a woman beaten beyond recognition, he embraces his inner berserker. She calls to his soul more than any other. 


Hospitalized for months, Felicity Evans holds onto the only thing that seems real. The voice of the man who kept her sane through the darkness.


Finally coming together, the couple realize the love that could be found in each other’s arms. Their passion flares brighter than the California sun, and there is no turning back. However danger once again finds Felicity, and Hal and his team of supernatural beings will do anything to bring her home safe. 


Elle Boon did it again with another award winning story, Berserker's Rage! This is the second book in her SmokeJumpers series, and so far, my favorite one. I freaking ADORED Hal! In fact, if I could have one, I would want my very own beserker. Hal is like a gorgeous viking with his big strong body, and gorgeous eyes and blond hair. He hides the soul of a berserker inside him and it comes out when he is angry or someone is threatening him or someone he loves. Who wouldn't want a gorgeous viking warrior as a protector and lover? I know I definitely want one, that's for sure! *Wink* Now Felicity is a beauty. Not your supermodel beauty, but a soul deep beauty with a kind heart and gentle soul. When these two meet, after Hal rescues her from some assailants who beat her up almost beyond recognition, there is a connection there that keeps him from forgetting her and when she is healed, he goes in search of her to see how she is doing. When he finds her both him and Felicity's passion flares hot and soon neither one can be without the other. 

This story went beyond my imaginings. I loved Hal and Felicity and thought their love story was crackling and sensual and so damn sweet! I was engulfed with the story and as the story progressed, we got to see almost the whole SmokeJumpers team in action as they do a rescue mission to save Felicity from someone who is crazy and dangerous. I was biting my lip throughout the story and dying to know what happened next between Felicity and Hal.  I also loved seeing the SmokeJumpers in action too! These guys have me completely fascinated and I am looking forward to each and every one of their stories.

If you like a breathtaking story full of enhanced people who may not be quite human, and love action-packed and sensual romance, then pick up Berserker's Rage by Elle Boon. Boon's stories are always great and have everything a reader could want. I gave this an OUTSTANDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! The characters are awesome and the plot will easily keep you entertained. A HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READ!

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