Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Club Beam (Beyond Fairytales) by Erzabet Bishop ARC Review!


In the Shadow World, nothing is as it seems. 

Detective Sydney Marr is having a very bad day. Her boss is on the warpath, she’s being treated for a werewolf bite, and her current case has hit a dead end. When her friend Erika talks Syd into going with her to Club Beam, she jumps at the chance, even if it means spending an evening without her spell arsenal. A high-class vampire bar and fetish club, Club Beam is fantasy made real. 

Club owner and Dom Gideon Raines spies the red-haired beauty and is transfixed. A fight against a skillful murderer brings war for fae and vampire alike. Sometimes when you play with monsters, the monsters play back. 


Club Beam was such a unique story. I loved how interesting the story was and how easy it was to keep my attention. It flowed nicely and some of the scenes were wickedly HOT! I also liked how there was danger and plenty of action going on throughout the story that certainly kept me entertained. 

The characters were easy to like too. I liked the spunkiness of Sydney and how commanding Gideon was, but considering he was one hell of a Dom that didn't surprise me. The connection between these two was a thing of beauty. Sparks were constantly flying and the passion breathtaking. 

Club Beam was a really enjoyable read. I was happy with the book and the author, who sure knew what she was doing as she was writing this. I was happy to give Club Beam a MIGHTY FINE FOUR SHOOTING STARS! 

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