Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Captivated Heat (Men of Iron Horse 4) by Morgan Fox ARC Review:


[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, HEA]
Samantha Murphy’s life is rocked when the love of her life, Daniel Whitmore, returns after seven years. He left without a word to join the military and now he’s back. Consumed with trust issues, she wants nothing to do with him, hating that even after so long he can still stir her emotions.
But Daniel is silently suffering with the nightmares of his past, haunted by the memories of a near fatal injury. His only salvation has been a picture of Sam, one he has kept close to his heart. And now that he’s back, he wants her.
Emotionally shattered, Sam never fully moved on. Daniel has always been the missing piece in her life. But déjà vu sends her running to protect her heart.
Can Daniel convince her that he’s no longer the selfish man she fears, win her trust, and prove his love for her before it’s too late?


Captivated Heat seemed completely different from Morgan Fox's previous Men of Iron Horse stories. This one was a bit shorter as well, but it was in no way less good. This story concentrated mainly on the couples romance. The only real demon in the plot was Daniel's nightmares and Samantha's trust issues. Samantha was one tough cookie. After Daniel left years ago for the military, Sam felt abandoned and hurt. After his return, all the feelings Sam thought she left behind comes crashing back and now its up to Daniel to prove to her that he is no longer that selfish person she thought he was and to win her heart and soul back.

Captivated Heat was a touching story full of second chance love and breathtaking sex. As each character works through their issues, we get to see the crackling passion, and the strong feelings they each have for the other. I have always been happy with each story from Fox's Men of Iron Horse series. But this one was more heartbreaking yet was also the most sweetest one out of them all. There might of been a time or two I could of kicked both Sam and Daniel's butts, but in the end I felt Daniel won not only Sam's hearts, but the hearts of us readers.

Captivated Heat got a MAGNIFICENT FOUR SHOOTING STARS! I love the passion, the heartache, and the sweet love making that took place in the story. Morgan Fox knows how to write a story that is both heartfelt and steamy, perfect for a reader like me!

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