Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Wanton With a Vampire by Cassandra Lawson ARC Review!


For more than two-hundred years, Aleksandr Draksel has avoided commitment of any kind. His life of travel and meaningless affairs was all he needed. That is until he met Trish Williams. From the moment he set eyes on her, Alek knew Trish was different. She is also the one woman he cannot have. When Trish’s life takes a deadly turn, and she becomes the target of a killer, Alek finds himself in the strange position of protector. He is determined to do whatever it takes to keep her safe and resist the urge to seduce her.

From the moment she met Alek, Trish has been irritated, flustered, and aroused. Despite her attraction, a future with him was impossible because he could never have more than a short fling with a normal human. Unlike her friends, Trish has no psychic abilities- or so she thought. One broken shoe changes everything. Now, she is determined to live life to the fullest. She is also determined to seduce Aleksandr Draksel.


Another great story in Cassandra Lawson's Psy-Vamp series! Wanton With a Vampire was a nail-biting, fun, and irresistible treat! I loved Aleksandr and Trish. The sexual tension was high between these two with each encounter. I really liked how naughty Trish turned out to be, especially since at first she seemed so nerdy and sweet.  But the sass and boldness from her was truly amazing.  Alek's feelings for Trish seemed pretty obvious and his flirtations made me grin AND groan! How Trish not ended up attacking him right away just showed how much restraint she had.  Yet once they make love, the passion gets hotter and the temperature rises with each moment they are together. 

I absolutely LOVED this plot and storyline. It was action packed and had a bit of suspense and some humor as well as some sigh-worthy romance. If your the type of person that enjoys sexy vampires, steamy dialogue, and some nail-biting action, then pick up Wanton With a Vampire. You will laugh, maybe cry a bit, and you will definitely need a fan...or maybe some ice to cool down. The characters are entertaining and fresh, while the writing is perfect.

I give Wanton With a Vampire a GLORIOUS FIVE SHOOTING STARS! I love Lawson's Psy-Vamp series, and am anticipating what will be next. I recommend this book, heck this whole series to paranormal romance fans everywhere!

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