Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Miami Heat (Pay It Forward 1) by TL Reeve ARC Review!


A trip to Miami for a blind date--what could go wrong?

Violet Wilson is a book lover at heart. As a librarian she loves her job and quite frankly no one else, from her prospective, could do it better. The only downside for being such a voracious reader, she has a high expectation of men.

Violet needs to let her hair down, embrace life and have fun--something her best friend Kate is willing to help her with. After an afternoon lunch with her best friend, she is handed a plane ticket and a hotel reservation to Miami. However, there is a catch...her date.

Roman Carpino isn’t looking for love. He has his tattoo parlor, his friends and several different women whenever he needs or wants a companion. To him, his life is golden. But, given the chance to take a vacation on his friend’s dime, he relents. What he isn't expecting however, is his date, Violet.

With a weekend to spend together, will they find what each desires most--or will a friendly gesture damage two lives forever?


A romance featuring a woman who LOOOOOVES books, goes on vacation and falls for a sexy bad boy with tattoos? OH HELL YEA!! I ADORED Violet because like me, she has a thing for books and sexy guys with tattoos.  I thought this story was fun, sassy, and of course, wickedly delicious! A trip to Miami ends up to be the best trip for Roman and Violet. 

I love how Miss Reeves writes her stories, with passion and characters readers can relate to and fall in love with.  Miami Heat is is the kind of book once you start, can finish in one sitting. They are addictive and smoldering with the kind of sensuality we can only find in a book written by TL Reeve. This new series, Pay It Forward will be a HIT with those readers who enjoy books by Shayla Black or Lexi Blake.

I gave Miami Heat a FIVE SHOOTING STARS!! I loved the plot, characters, and the general story all around. 

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