Monday, September 28, 2015

Book Review - Flash Bang by Meghan March

Rowan Callahan is a career-climbing slut. At least according to the vicious—and false—rumor that is destroying her professional life. But a little thing like her career as an attorney ceases to matter when a plane crashes in downtown Chicago and the entire city goes dark. Her unconventional upbringing makes her suspect the worst: she’s just witnessed the kick-off to the apocalypse. Armed with a backpack of supplies, she leaves Chicago, intent on resetting her skewed priorities and seeking shelter at the family farm with her father and sister. She’s injured and running for her life when she stumbles directly in the crosshairs of two men who just might be her salvation . . . and her greatest temptation.

Graham Buchanan and Zachariah Sawyer are best friends and brothers-in-arms who have been indulging in ménages since before their Force Recon team served in Iraq and Afghanistan. They’ve hung up their uniforms to build a new life for themselves and their team at Castle Creek Whitetail Ranch—a rustic deer hunting preserve that covertly doubles as a doomsday prepper’s paradise. They thought they were prepared for anything until Rowan comes crashing into their lives. Graham and Zach are convinced she’s the one woman who can handle them both, but she has no intention of deviating from her carefully laid plans for longer than it takes her to recover from her injuries. So they propose a deal: they’ll provide her an armed escort home, and in exchange, she’s theirs until they part ways.

It was the perfect plan; except once they've had her, they can’t let her go . . .


HOLY APOCALYPTIC SEXINESS!! Flash Bang left me in a puddle of goo. I now have another author that is going on my MUST HAVE list. Thanks to another great author, Kylie Scott, I got into romance that happens after the Apocalypse BIG TIME. This one is just as good as Miss Scott's Flesh series. Its chock full of action, fun and sexy banter, HOT military men, and a woman that can handle them and show them her spunk and that nothing can bring her down. I freaking LOVED Graham and Zach! Sexy, fierce, and infinitely protective, these are the kind of heroes, that can have me weak kneed and fanning myself. Ro is definitely their perfect match! She is sassy, takes no shit, and doesn't let ANYTHING get in her way of what she thinks is right. Things sizzle and zing, and things get heated up fast as this triad comes together.

This series left me not only in love with the story, characters, and plot, but with the author herself. She created such a great story that is appealing and lip-biting and fun as hell, that I can say that I am now a BIG FAN of Miss March and her work, and will be checking out more books by her IMMEDIATELY!

Flash Bang gets a BANGING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Once I started reading, I couldn't put this down until I was D-O-N-E. It was THAT freaking good. Its the kind of after the world ends romance, that will leave you begging for more. I am currently reading Hard Charged and am astounded by how much I am addicted to this series. Meghan March, I am your new BIGGEST FAN! 

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