Monday, November 2, 2015

ARC Review - Broken Surrender by Lori King


One bullet made it physically impossible for Sarah Bryant to fulfill her dreams of a military career. With her family’s sympathy suffocating her, she escapes to Stone River, Texas, determined to rebuild a life and maybe find a new dream. 

Silas and Jeremy are two brothers who are as different as Texas is big. One is an adrenaline fueled former Army medic, the other is a laid back tow truck business owner. The two things they have in common? They know they want to live life in a ménage relationship, and Sarah is the woman for them. 

Sarah has too many doubts about herself to believe she can be enough for one man let alone two. Can these souls find what they need to grow together, or will they leave more emotional scars to match their physical ones? 


Talk about a cover that will literally make your mouth water! The blurb itself will leave any red-blooded woman needing to buy the book and read it. Especially when its an author like Lori King who wrote the book. This is the kind of erotic romance that I crave on a daily basis. It is not just sensual, but incredibly sweet, a bit dirty, and just steamy enough to cause some serious heat flashes! I absolutely lusted after Silas and Jeremy. They are the kind of Texans women like me picture in our fantasies. Big, strong, capable, with immense patience and the right amount of alpha that can make a reader pant and beg. Sarah is beautiful, spirited woman that can handle both men. She is slightly shy at first, but once the story starts really rolling, her inner seductress is revealed and her passion and sass shines through which makes her perfect for these two sexy Texans. 

There is so many emotions and feelings I went through throughout the story. I felt empathy with Sarah, and silently encouraged her and was proud of her transformation. Silas and Jeremy brought out my inner sensual woman too, and had me rooting for them as they courted and wooed Sarah. I loved the fact that the story was both an emotional story as well as a truly sexy one too. Broken Surrender is breathtaking, sexy, and perfectly edgy. A MUST READ for sure!

Broken Surrender by Lori King got an ASTOUNDING FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its worth every penny and is magnificently written with some great characters and a terrific plot. Lori King you RULE!

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