Thursday, November 5, 2015

ARC Review - Winter Magic (Winter Solstice Run Book 2) by TL Reeve


There's magic in the air...

Kalum Truesdale is willing to take the leap and mate. Fawn Hawthorne has been at his finger tips for months now since his return, but the timid wolf rebuffs him at every turn. With the Winter Solstice right around the corner, he's got a couple of tricks up his sleeves to finally catch the elusive wolf.

Fawn Hawthorne isn't ready for a mate. After years of torture, all she wants is to be left alone. However, the handsome and persistent Kalum Truesdale, isn't willing to let her hide. So, when presents start arriving in the days leading up to the Solstice, Fawn has a decision to make. Take what Kalum is offering her, happiness and love. Or continue to fear the world around her while always wondering, what if?


HOLY HOTNESS!! I freaking L-O-V-E-D Winter Magic by TL Reeve SO much! I smiled, I sighed, I fanned myself, and I am pretty sure my heart nearly wept with how good the story was. Oh why couldn't this been longer? I HATED it when it ended. I adored Fawn and Kalum. Both had so much energy and potential and their chemistry was beyond CRAZY good. This short story was fun and sexy and was beautifully written. I think Kalum is my NEW book boyfriend! 

He had so much incredible charm and was sexy and wonderfully patient. Fawn couldn't help but to practically stop breathing whenever he came into her office or when he was just nearby. You could easily feel the crackle and spark from the sexual tension, and when they finally came together it was so HOT, and yummy, that I couldn't help but to be a bit jealous of a Fawn for all of Kalum's delicious attention. I was also proud of how far she came after so long of being tortured. It helped tremendously when you had a sexy man like Kalum who was determined to not only win her heart, but to cherish her in every way a man can cherish a woman. 

If you adore the kind of romance that includes a sexy and almost frustratingly fun shifter, who also happens be a cowboy with a super delicious accent and charm, and a slightly skittish, yet sassy, woman who finally takes the bull by the horns and falls for the sexy cowboy, then you will no doubt be extremely PLEASED with Winter Magic by TL Reeve. I gave this book the rating it deserved which is a FANTASTIC FIVE SHOOTING STARS!! I loved EVERY single thing about this story and I think you will too. 

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