Monday, November 30, 2015

ARC Review - Taken By Storm by LJ Vickery


Anshar is god of the sky...but he's also something much more dangerous. Terrified for the safety of the woman he would call his own, he denies his attraction to keep her safe and the monster inside of him at bay. A battle is coming between the gods of the Blue Hills and the puritans who would destroy his kind before the gods can find their Chosen—mortals who are not just mates, but who can make the gods corporeal once more.

Lenore Crest is drawn to the taciturn god against her better judgment and in spite of the hateful lessons she's always been taught about his kind by the leader of a secret puritan society. Opening her heart to Anshar would be a betrayal to her people, and loving him could put everyone in danger.

Can their relationship survive in spite of his secrets and her misplaced allegiances?


Taken By Storm took me...well, by storm! The first book blew me away, but this book picked me up and threw me down and then lifted me up again! Holy cow, it was spectacular! Full of action, sizzling sex, and some wild and sexy characters. I was intrigued with Anshar since Rock Hard. He seems so laid back and fun, but he has some secrets that both shocked me (in a VERY good way) and had me biting my lip. Now, to say Lenore was a kick-ass heroine would be putting it mildly. She was a total bad ass and I LOVED her for that! At first she was on the wrong side of things, fighting WITH the bad guys, until after some sexy seduction from Anshar, she starts seeing things in a whole new light.

I LOVE how LJ Vickery writes her stories! They are incredibly interesting with phenomenal characters and great storylines. The romance is intense and the paranormal elements will enchant you as well as keep you on the edge.  Taken By Storm may be my favorite one as of yet in this incredible series!  The sex is super hot and the action is edgy and intense. A perfect book to get the readers hearts pumping and blood flowing hotly through the veins.

A SUPER CHARGED FIVE SHOOTING STARS for Taken By Storm by LJ Vickery! From start to finish, this book had me on the edge of my seat, biting my nails, and squirming in my seat. MORE PLEASE!

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