Tuesday, November 10, 2015

ARC Review - Jayson's Redemption by Kelsie Belle


Jayson Tacoma had sworn off romantic relationships ever since an unfortunate incident with his best friend left him emotionally scarred and wary of love. That was until fate caused his path to cross with that of the mysterious Mya Delgado, when she appears in the small town of Bailey Springs, seemingly out of the blue. Soon, he finds himself struggling with his overwhelming attraction to yet another dark-haired beauty and the two get caught in a game of cat and mouse that neither of them can control. Will getting involved with this woman, who harbors so many secrets of her own, turn out to be yet another devastating mistake for him? Or will Mya Delgado turn out to be Jayson's redemption?


Another winning book in Kelsie Belle's Playing For Keeps Series! Passionate, all-consuming, and sexy with great characters and a juicy plot. I loved reading this story. From the beginning to the end, it was filled with action and some seriously sizzling chemistry and delicious romance. And lets not forget about the deliciously H-O-T sex! It was so steamy I am actually surprised it didn't ruin my ereader!

I have enjoyed every one of Kelsie Belle's books so far. She has yet to disappoint me. Her work is always well written and sexy, and always keeps me glued to my ereader. Jayson's Redemption truly is a great read with sensational characters and just the right amount of sass and fun and a dash of caution. 

Jayson's Redemption gets an AMAZING FIVE SHOOTING STARS!! A definite MUST MUST READ!

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