Thursday, June 30, 2016

ARC Review - Slater's Enchanted Mate by Elle Boon!


Wounded and hidden for years, LeeLee had found acceptance within her wolf. She learned firsthand the harsh reality of never being loved, and vowed to protect her heart, and body from suffering the same pain ever again. 

Never one to back down, Slater O’Neil loves life. When he meets his mate in wolf form, he never thought claiming her would be quite so hard. Yet he'll gladly battle an unknown evil more sinister than the horror movies he enjoys. After finally finding the other half of his soul, he’ll pay any price to protect the woman meant to be his. 

True love doesn’t always come easy, and for these two shifters, they’ll need more than just love to make it work. LeeLee was just a child when she witnessed a horror no child should, but revisiting old hurts don’t always heal old wounds. 

When you stir a hornet’s nest, you should always be prepared for what might come out. In LeeLee and Slater’s case, they are totally unprepared to step into a whole different reality. One where the ones who should love and protect, are the ones out to kill for their own gain. 


OH. MY. AWESOMENESS. Mystic Wolves, Iron Wolves, SmokeJumpers, many great characters from Elle's series in ONE story...that was incredible! This is Slater and LeeLee's story and I. FREAKING. LOVED. IT. LeeLee is a gorgeous, sweet, leery of affection, and had been dealt a rough hand. Slater is sexy, tough, caring, protective and wonderful. I loved how he treated LeeLee. She really deserved the sweetness and patience Slater seemed to have for her, especially the way she grew up.

Slater's Enchanted Mate had so many great feels. I cried for LeeLee and sighed with Slater. Their romance was sweet, passionate, sexy, and oh so yummy! I couldn't get enough of this book. And we get a bigger glimpse in the realm of the Fey and meet a few more of them as well. Their powers are incredible and I giggled over some of the things that came out of their mouths. And the surprises that were thrown at us was a real eye opener and had my mouth hanging open. Elle Boon just doesn't disappoint. She always writes a story that is both enchanting, full of twists only a great author can come up with, and is full of delectable romance. 

Slater's Enchanted Mate gets an EXPLOSIVE FIVE SHOOTING STARS! Its magical, sexy, action-packed and one of the sweetest romances in this series yet. Worth every star and MORE!


  1. Must read. Phenomenal story line. Intense, suspenceful, bonding of others, love, and family.

  2. Perfect Description Baby Red! :D